'RM3 is coming' trends as agency confirms BTS’ RM solo release, ARMYs get ready to celebrate

BTS' RM is the next member to release solo album (Image via Instagram/rkive)

ARMYs had a great start to November as BIGHIT MUSIC confirmed reports of the solo album release of BTS’ RM, aka Kim Nam-joon.

On November 1, 2022, JTBC News reported that the BTS leader will be releasing his album this month, likely on November 25. This generated incredible enthusiasm among fans, who trended 'RM3 is coming' on Twitter.

A source from BIGHIT MUSIC responded to the report that RM was indeed going to be the next member to release solo music. The agency stated:

“RM will be releasing a solo album, and he is currently in preparations.”

Although the agency did not mention any official release date or hinted that JTBC News’ date was confirmed, the majority of fans believe November 25 to be the date of release.

BTS’ RM to release solo album next, fans in anticipation of a potential collaboration

Ever since news about the BTS leader’s solo album was reported, ‘RM3 is coming’ has been trending on Twitter. Adding to the excitement is the fact that BTS’ RM has treated fans to behind-the-scenes, music equipment, and studio pictures through Instagram stories for months. The ARMY fandom will finally see it all come to fruition by presumably the end of this month.

Given that November 2022 began on an exciting note with news about BTS’ RM’s upcoming album and is expected to end with the release of the same, fans dug up the rapper-songwriter’s past mentions of his work-in-progress solo album to get some hints about the release.

This will be the idol’s first solo release in four years after the hit album mono, which dropped in 2018.

Take a look at some fans' reactions below:

In a recent Weverse Live on July 21, BTS’ RM mentioned the overall themes of his upcoming album. He shared that it would be based upon his experiences when he was 28 or 29 years old. In another Instagram story posted recently, he shared that the album will be all about his twenties from 2019 to 2022.

He drew parallels with his 2018 mixtape mono (which gave fans a no-skip album with Seoul, moonchild, uhgood, everythingoes, tokyo, forever rain and badbye), saying that it was about RM when he was 24 or 25.

Additionally, in an April 2022 V LIVE, the BTS leader garnered attention when he shared that he invited “really interesting and unexpected people” for the album. The comment has once again started doing the rounds on social media under RM3 is coming. It has also left fans wondering about the artist collaborations they can expect in the album.

Considering RM featured on alternative rock band Balming Tigers SEXY NUKIM recently, ARMYs have high expectations of who the next artist to work with the BTS leader could be.

In recent news, BTS’ RM and j-hope expressed their support to W magazine’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, Love Your W, by making a surprise appearance at the event on October 28.

There, BTS' RM performed SEXY NUKIM with Balming Tigers amidst a crowd of music and fashion industry professionals along with fellow K-pop artists such as SHINee’s KEY, MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, and ASTRO’s Cha Eun-woo, among others.

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