“I was full of judgement”: Chris Martin admits he was initially hesitant to collaborate with BTS

Chris Martin admits to feeling hesitant initially about working with BTS (Image via Twitter/@OT7_BIAS_)
Chris Martin admits to feeling hesitant initially about working with BTS (Image via Twitter/@OT7_BIAS_)

Coldplay’s Chris Martin made a surprise revelation by admitting that he was initially hesitant to collaborate with BTS because of the language and cultural differences between them. Martin explained that when someone suggested that the British rock band collaborate with BTS, he was unsure initially owing to the fact that the septet were from a different culture and spoke a different language:

“At first, I was full of judgment, which is often my first reaction, because I’m human.”

He made this revelation at the band’s Argentina concert 2022-2023 Music of the Spheres World Tour where he performed The Astronaut with BTS’ Jin.

Today, however, he feels blessed as an artist and as Coldplay’s frontman that they took the important decision of collaborating with BTS.

BTS fans laud Chris Martin for his honesty and share their own reactions as well

While introducing Jin on stage, Chris Martin revealed that he was not open-minded about working with the K-pop juggernauts initially, confessing that the band had close-minded views and that the fear of collaborating with artists outside their culture was uncharted territory for them.

However, he challenged his own prejudices and accepted the offer to work with BTS on the soulful and soothing My Universe track that was released last year.

Not only was the song a massive success on the music charts, but the global boy groups became friends through this collaboration, and it has been a fun and fulfilling working relationship for both the parties.

Chris Martin revealed what he learned in the process:

“To embrace the other, rather than be scared of it.”

BTS fans lauded Chris Martin for his honest and truthful confession about working with the K-pop septet. ARMYs also appreciated how he admitted he was wrong to have this prejudice in mind and how happy and relieved they were to collaborate and be friends with BTS.

Chris Martin traveled to South Korea during the quarantine to finalize the recording for My Universe with the Bangtan members and also learnt some Korean to incorporate those verses in the song.

ARMYs admire Chris Martin for having a pure working relationship with the BTS members and not using them for clout and publicity, like a lot of western artists have done in the past.

Certain ARMYs even confessed that they too had their own prejudices against the Bangtan members in the past and how they overcame them to become lifelong fans of the septet.

My Universe was enormously well-received by fans across the world, and Coldplay did not think twice when Jin approached Chris Martin six months ago, requesting the perfect parting song dedicated to ARMYs before enlisting in the military.

The Astronaut is a gift to Jin, co-written by the Bangtan singer and Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin, who also did the backing vocals for the song alongside son Moses Martin, with the rest of the members providing instruments for the song.

Not only have the two boy bands become friends, but Chris Martin also went out of his way to praise and defend Bangtan members on numerous occasions, cementing their lifelong friendship.

Chris Martin and BTS Jin showed off their dancing skills behind the scenes of their recent collaboration

ARMYs found it heartwarming to see Chris Martin’s love and affection for Jin when they recently took center stage at Coldplay’s Argentina concert performing The Astronaut for a live audience for the first time.

Fans admired the wonderful bond and friendship that the Bangtan members shared with Coldplay, especially when they saw the behind-the-scenes clip wherein Chris Martin can be seen slow dancing with Jin during rehearsals. Jin can be seen walking towards Chris Martin to give him a warm hug. However, Chris Martin turned it into a mini-waltz session which Jin played along to.

Jin and Coldplay delivered a stunning live performance of The Astronaut, earning major applause and appreciation from fans across the world as well.

Meanwhile, Jin’s The Astronaut has topped the iTunes worldwide music charts in a whopping 100 countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore, and Thailand among other nations.

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