"No one's ever asked me that": BTS RM’s immaculate interviewing skills and knowledge leaves Pharrell Williams 'blown away' in new Rolling Stone feature

BTS RM and Pharrell Williams featured on the cover of a reputed music magazine (Image via Twitter/@ZER0XBLACK)
BTS RM and Pharrell Williams featured on the cover of Rolling Stone (Image via Twitter/@ZER0XBLACK)

BTS RM is not only a bonafide artist but possesses excellent interviewing skills and knowledge, which left Pharrell Williams impressed.

BTS’ frontman and the Happy singer sat down together for a heart-to-heart conversation for Rolling Stone’s latest feature, discussing their music, ambitions, fears, and their fantastic collaboration, which will drop soon.

BTS RM took the interview mantle and quizzed the American rapper on his artistry, his music, and his influence, which left Pharrell Williams thoroughly impressed with the depth and amount of knowledge he not only possessed about music, but also Williams’ own artistry.

At one point, BTS RM asked Williams’, how he positioned himself during the song creation process. Williams was visibly impressed with his question, and confessed that nobody had ever asked him that question.

RM said,

“These days genre doesn’t mean anything. But at that time, I think some rappers criticized the rappers who sing or use Auto-Tune. Sometimes you sing, sometimes you rap, sometimes you just sing the hook. So how do you position yourself when you participate in a song as a performer?”

To which Williams replied,

“Wow. First of all, no one’s ever asked me that, believe it or not. I make decisions based off feeling. I don’t make them based off of convention.”

BTS RM reveals he tried to recreate Pharrell Williams’ song in Korean

BTS RM confessed that Pharrell Williams has always been one of his favorite idols and musical inspirations. The Mono singer confessed that he started listening to hip-hop in 2005 and one of his favorite songs was Williams’ Take it Off, which he attempted to recreate in Korean as a rookie hip-hop artist as well.

RM lavished praise on Williams’ voice and diverse range. He admitted that he has always wanted a frequency like Williams, his voice, falsetto, and rapping skills.

He proceeded to ask Williams about his song-creation process and how he positions himself in the song creation process and what roles he usually takes in different scenarios.

The Freedom singer was impressed with RM’s detailed question, and confessed that he has never been asked this question in his two-decade-long career, even though it is such an obvious question to ask and thanked him for asking this very relevant question.

Pharrell Williams revealed that he makes decisions based on the need of the moment and positions himself according to the need of the song. He channels his music and energy based on something unique that he can add to the song.

“I’m only confident knowing that I am giving the instruction and the directives to someone else.”

ARMYs were equally impressed with RM’s amazing questions, research, and a charming flair for asking questions with ease. Fans believe that the talented BTS leader will do really well as an interviewer.

BTS met Pharrell Williams at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. The Hug Me singer had personally come to meet the K-pop juggernauts in their makeup room and offered a collaboration in their very first meeting.

RM was delighted to see one of his idols personally visit them and even confessed that he is a big fan of Williams and would love to collaborate with him.

Years later, the two stars recounted their first meeting in the Rolling Stone feature and Pharrell Williams revealed he was serious about the collaboration offer in 2018, and is happy to know that it has come to fruition in 2022.

“Let’s leave here right now and go make some music.”

BTS RM and Pharrell Williams confirm collab

On November 1, the Frontin' singer confirmed that he has indeed collaborated with BTS for a song on his upcoming album Phriends. The revelation came to light in their recent exclusive interview with Rolling Stone and both the artists gushed over how wonderfully the song has come about.

Earlier in the day, BIG HIT MUSIC confirmed that BTS RM will be the third member this year after j-hope and Jin to release his solo album. RM briefly touched upon the topic, excited to release his debut solo album after releasing two mixtapes previously, RM in 2015 and Mono in 2018.

He revealed that he is done with 90 percent work and is left with some final touches to do. To this, Pharrell Williams chimed in that if RM needs him, he would love to collaborate with him on his debut solo album.

RM humbly thanked him and revealed he would love to take up on this second collaboration offer, fuelling the possibility of another collaboration on the cards between the two.

BIG HIT MUSIC confirmed that BTS RM will release his solo debut album on November 25.

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