"Rowoon is not vaccinated?": Fans accuse agency of overworking SF9's Rowoon after controversial statement on vaccination

The actor-idol has a jam packed schedule for next year. (Image via Viki)
The actor-idol has a jam packed schedule for next year. (Image via Viki)

The agency in charge of SF9’s Rowoon, FNC Entertainment, has finally issued a statement after the singer made some controversial comments about his vaccination. Instead of placating the actor-idol’s fans, though, the statement has brought the agency under fire.

On November 25, the King’s Affection actor had interacted with his fans in an online 'video call fan sign event,' SF9 ROWOON’S PHOTO ESSAY [ME, ANOTHER ME]. When a fan asked him about his vaccination status, Rowoon admitted that he had not been vaccinated yet. He said:

“I haven’t had time, so I haven’t gotten vaccinated yet. I heard that when you get the vaccine, you have to rest for a few days. I’ve been getting PCR tests every two days.”

Rowoon is currently active in multiple entertainment industry fields, where COVID-19 cases continue to be an issue, including promoting SF9's comeback with Trauma on music shows and acting in the KBS drama The King's Affection.

His lack of vaccination naturally appeared as a cause of concern for everyone involved.

Rowoon’s agency, FNC Entertainment, has finally come up with a clarification.

FNC Entertainment cited Rowoon's packed schedule as the reason

FNC Entertainment issued the following statement on November 26:

This is our statement on Rowoon’s comments about vaccination during his online video call fan sign event for SF9 ROWOON’S PHOTO ESSAY [ME, ANOTHER ME].
Rowoon had already set up an appointment for vaccination, but because his drama broadcast schedule could not be adjusted, he had not yet been able to get vaccinated. We are currently in the middle of adjusting his work schedule so that he can get vaccinated and he will complete his vaccination as soon as possible.

FNC Entertainment requested that viewers of the fan event not take Rowoon’s statements out of context, saying:

We hope that there will be no misunderstanding from the select extraction of comments without context from the fan sign event and ask that people refrain from malicious comments.

The agency then concluded the statement by apologizing to Rowoon’s fans.

We regret that this precious time between Rowoon and the fans who love him was degenerated like this, and we apologize for causing concern to those who cherish Rowoon. In future, we will continue to do our best to protect our artists. Thank you.

The aftermath of this statement has unleashed the fury of Rowoon’s fans on FNC Entertainment. Several have pointed out how the idol-actor is so overworked that he does not even have time to get a vaccine essential for his health.

The lack of vaccination is especially worrying given the recent influx in South Korean celebrities testing positive for COVID-19.

Many of his fans blamed FNC Entertainment for the actor’s jam-packed schedule. They stated that it is the agency’s responsibility to get its stars vaccinated and not the actors’ responsibility.

Incidentally, Rowoon is not the only one who has not been able to make time for vaccination. Several other idols and actors are yet to get vaccinated because they have to work 24/7, given South Korea’s immensely high expectations from its stars.

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