Fans gush over TWICE member Chaeyoung's stunning visuals

A still of the K-pop idol (Image via Instagram/@twicetagaram)
A still of the K-pop idol (Image via Instagram/@twicetagaram)

The world-famous K-pop girl group TWICE are stunning fans with their fourth world tour "III." The girls have completed shows that were scheduled in Los Angeles, Oakland, Dallas, and Atlanta. The final show in New York will take place on February 26, 2022.

Group member Chaeyoung has been the talk of the town in particular for her gorgeous visuals and outfits. The K-pop idol is in the limelight for her exceptional beauty and fans can’t get enough of it.

"Chaeyoung rise up": Fans react to TWICE member Chaeyoung's confidence and visuals during U.S. tour

As the girl group’s U.S. tour continues, fans are amazed by the vibrant stage settings and performances of the members. Previously, during their first show in the United States, the girls were complimented for their sweet interactions and gorgeous fits.

Moreover, fans are creating a buzz on social media about Chaeyoung’s visuals.

The K-pop group’s fans, known as ONCE, were impressed with Chaeyoung’s confidence as she flaunted her tattoos openly while wearing a T-shirt with short sleeves. Not only this, but they were content to see the idol safe and healthy.

The K-pop idol also dazzled in her concert outfits and pulled off every look that she was styled in. Each group member's make-up, outfit and accessories changed with a different track set, and fans gushed over their visuals and style. Each of them was appreciated for showcasing their individuality.

During one of the in-person shows, cameras focused on TWICE's Chaeyoung while she drew a massive heart using her feet with the colorful confettis, which were lying on the floor. ONCEs quickly commented that her actions made them feel so loved.

TWICE's Jeongyeon surprises fans

The K-pop girl group continues to surprise fans on their U.S. tour with strong choreography and beautiful visuals. The outcome of each show has been well-received as fans are enjoying and capturing concert moments

From close-up interactions to hyping up the fans, TWICE members are giving them a night to remember. Previously, group member Jeongyeon was on and off hiatus due to health reasons, but the singer graced the stage with her presence and surprised fans. She did her best to recover quickly and garnered applause for her energy on stage.

Meanwhile, the group’s tracklist for their ongoing concert consists of over 25 songs. The list is as follows:

  • The Feels

  • Feel Special
  • Up no more
  • Queen
  • Fancy
  • Turn it up
  • Shot clock
  • Get Loud
  • I can't stop me
  • Espresso
  • Icon
  • Cry for Me
  • Scientist
  • Real You
  • Moonlight
  • Cactus
  • Rewind
  • What Is Love?
  • Knock Knock
  • More & More
  • Dance the Night Away
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Heart Shaker
  • Push & Pull
  • Hello
  • 1, 3, 2
  • Candy
  • The Feels
  • TT
  • Cheer Up
  • Likely

Each song has a different choreography, stage settings and outfit changes.

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