Fans react to WINNER's Seunghoon and BLACKPINK Lisa's recent dance collaboration

A still of the two K-pop idols (Image via Instagram/@maetamong/@lalalalisa_m)
A still of the two K-pop idols (Image via Instagram/@maetamong/@lalalalisa_m)

WINNER's Seunghoon and BLACKPINK's Lisa are back at it again. The two world-famous idols collaborated on another dance video which has left fans excited. Previously, Seunghoon posted a dance video with Lisa on his Twitter account bopping to the female idol's hit track MONEY.

MONEY dance cover 🤑🤑💵with lalisa of blackpink 💕💕#BLACKPINK #LALISA @ygofficialblink

The video amassed plenty of attention and fans were requesting more collaboration videos with Lisa. WINNER's Seunghoon being the kind person that he is, heard his followers and surprised them with a new dance video with the MONEY hitmaker.

WINNER Seunghoon x BLACKPINK Lisa's smooth dance moves

On January 10, 2022 WINNER's Seunghoon took to his official Instagram account and uploaded a new dance collaboration video with BLACKPINK's Lisa. The two K-pop idols were grooving to the beats of Dancin (Krono Remix) by Aaron Smith featuring Luvli.

Both the idols wore comfortable yet chic outfits which allowed them to freely move while performing their choreography. WINNER's Seunghoon styled himself in an all-black outfit, finishing his look with a pair of Nike casual shoes.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK's Lisa styled herself in a white crop top, which had a pink flower printed on it, and black track pants. She finished off her look with a white hip-hop cap and a sweater casually hanging on her back.

Fans were amazed with both the singers' dancing skills and took to the Twitterverse to trend their video. They stated that it has been less than a week since the two idols collaborated on the MONEY dance video, and now this new video drop added to their excitement.

@Koreaboo we're loving the crumbs were getting from yga
Mino X Jennie and Seunghoon X Lisa todayCRAZYYYY
MINO × JENNIESEUNGHOON × LISAI love how wholesome these friendships are. they just do not care, they'd be interacting w/ each other, supporting each other.And that's how it really should be. Now, drop the collab.
jennie gifted mino and seungyoon and new dance challenge from seunghoon with lisa. my winpink crumbs 🤧
I love the whole casual atmosphere too much but a professional collab of Seunghoon and Lisa would be just so amazing too 😳🔥🔥
Waiting for the day Lisa and Seunghoon drop a full dance collab video—like it’s a need.

Latest updates on BLACKPINK

On January 10, 2022, Jennie updated her followers on Instagram regarding a new collaboration with Gentle Monster. The idol posted pictures of a bouquet of bright flowers decorated inside a cone-shaped bag which had purple straps attached to it. The bag had the words “Gentle Monster x Jennie” and “Jentle Garden” written on it.

Gentle Monster sent Jennie an official PR package. The singer uploaded pictures and a video showing fans the new project. Furthermore, she sent these PR packages to K-celebrities who updated their Instagram stories thanking Jennie for the beautiful gift.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment has not confirmed BLACKPINK's comeback as of yet. Fans are eagerly waiting for the K-pop group to drop new music since it's been nearly a year and a half since their last debut.

On January 25, 2022 the group announced an online fansign. Naturally, fans rushed to see their favorite idols and were excited to spot the quartet together.

One fan asked Jennie whether the four of them will return to the music scene, to which the idol replied that they were indeed working hard on creating something exciting. She further hinted at fans to watch out as the group is in the process of creating new content.

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