"Chantel won’t understand cause you won’t open up": Fans slam Pedro for not wanting to communicate with Chantel in The Family Chantel Episode 3

Fans criticize Pedro's behavior (Image via pedrojosejrjimeno/Instagram)
Fans criticize Pedro's behavior (Image via pedrojosejrjimeno/Instagram)

The Family Chantel Season 4 returned with an all-new episode on Monday night. Titled On The Chin, the episode saw Pedro and Chantel's marital issues continue to distance them from each other. Chantel urged Pedro to talk to her and wanted him to open up about what was going on in his mind. However, he didn't seem to be interested in exploring his feelings. Viewers believed that Pedro would have to learn to communicate with his wife if he wanted the marriage to work.

Episode 3 of The Family Chantel featured Chantel finally returning from Mexico. Although she was happy to be back home and see Pedro, she was worried about their marriage. Chantel shared that Pedro was distancing himself and that their marriage was no longer full of life.

Chantel returned home and was surprised to see the place in a mess, with cardboard boxes thrown around. When Chantel asked Pedro about this, he shared that he kept it out for her to see so she would know that he was able to build a bookcase all by himself.

Later in the episode, Chantel told Pedro that he was trying to avoid talking about his feelings. She also believed that something was worrying him deeply. Chantel told Pedro:

"You've been really disturbed lately. It's hard to watch. I feel like you've been distant from me lately, too, and I don't want us to drift further apart. I want to be able to support you as your wife. Part of it is that you're going to have to open up to me and communicate with me about what's going on inside."

After Chantel opened up about her need for Pedro to be more communicative, he dismissed the request and told her that nothing was worrying him.

During her confessional, Chantel shared that Pedro had started to become distant after their last trip to the Dominican Republic. The Family Chantel star was worried that her husband wasn't interested in communicating with her.

When Chantel asked Pedro to open up, he simply told her that his feelings were worrying him, but he didn't want to go into it in detail. During his confessional, Pedro shared that he couldn't tell Chantel how he felt because he believed that she wouldn't understand it.

Fans criticize Pedro for not opening up to Chantel in The Family Chantel Season 4 Episode 3

Fans who watched the episode believed that Pedro needed to communicate with Chantel. Taking to Twitter, fans shared that Pedro needed to be more open with his partner. Some also felt that the couple needed counseling to work on the issues in their marriage.

More details on what happened this week in The Family Chantel Episode 3

Apart from Pedro and Chantel's marital issues, more drama unfolded this week on The Family Chantel. Winter's bariatric surgery was finally completed, and she was recovering well. However, she was worried that Masoma (a Nigerian man she was talking to online) would not like her for who she was. She even told her mother and sister that she did not know how to go about dating someone she had not yet met.

Meanwhile, Nicole called up her brother to talk to him about her breakup with Alejandro. While he was glad that they had broken up, things were bittersweet between Pedro and Nicole, and their relationship was still strained after his trip to the Dominican Republic.

Next week's episode will likely dive deeper into Pedro and Chantel's marital struggles. The Family Chantel airs every Monday night at 8.00 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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