5 must-watch Jennifer Lopez movies as 'Marry Me' releases worldwide

Jennifer Lopez (Image via Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez (Image via Getty Images)

Since her first hit movie Selena, Jennifer Lopez has dropped critically acclaimed and immensely popular albums, become a fashion icon, and rocked Hollywood like no other.

With Marry Me releasing worldwide, her fans are in for a treat. Her appearance in the movie as a pop sensation is truly one befitting her career.

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From a con-artist to a wedding planner, Jennifer Lopez has played many roles that have encaptivated audiences every time. Ever since she stepped into Hollywood, she has charmed audiences with her refined talents and has received various nominations and prizes for the same.

Fans have no doubt that she will continue to dazzle the industry with astounding movies and music, and her past movies act as evidence for the same.

Five must-watch movies starring Jennifer Lopez

1) Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez as Ramona in Hustlers (@hustlersmovie/Instagram)
Jennifer Lopez as Ramona in Hustlers (@hustlersmovie/Instagram)

Based on a true story, a sharp-witted pack of hustlers use trickery and deceit to scam their rich customers in the high-spirited movie Hustlers. However, things soon take a bad turn and they are faced to deal with the consequences of their witty scheme. Jennifer Lopez plays Ramona, one of the leaders of the group.

J.Lo received immense praise for her acting and pole dancing talents displayed in the movie. She has also won several awards and was nominated for the Golden Globes and Critics' Choice Awards for the 2019 movie.

2) Maid in Manhattan


In this iconic movie, Jennifer Lopez plays the role of a single mother, Marisa Ventura, who works as a maid in a lavish hotel in Manhattan. The movie challenges the stereotypical representation of a Latina as a maid picking up behind the wealthy and powerful people when Chris Marshall, an influential man, falls for her.

The movie is the perfect romcom watch showing that love has neither class nor status. Marisa looks beautiful in every outfit she wears.

3) The Boy Next Door

J.Lo in The Boy Next Door (Image via @theboynextdoormovie/Instagram)
J.Lo in The Boy Next Door (Image via @theboynextdoormovie/Instagram)

In The Boy Next Door, things take an unusual turn for Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) as she begins an affair with young Noah, living next door. Noah soon becomes dangerously obsessed with her when she decides to end the affair.

This psychological thriller undoubtedly sends chills down the audience's spine.

4) The Wedding Planner


Although J.Lo has been part of multiple romcoms, her on-screen romance with Matthew McConaughey in The Wedding Planner tops the list. In the movie, Jennifer Lopez plays Mary Fiore, a wedding planner who helps couples plan their perfect wedding while ironically spending her time at home alone.

However, when she meets Steve Edison, a client, there are immediate sparks. The chemistry between the two is undeniable and as the movie progresses, one cannot help but root for the two of them.

5) Selena


The late Selena Perez was an honorable singer and Tejano music sensation who was unfortunately killed in 1995. The movie Selena, released in 1997, is a biopic based on her life. Jennifer Lopez has been cast as the late singer in this movie, which also marked the beginning of her acting career.

Selena is one of J.Lo's finest performances. In the film, Lopez portrays Selena's story with astute perfection.

J.Lo firmly believes in portraying strong, powerful and independent female characters not only on-screen but also through her music. She is the perfect embodiment of an influential actress, renowned singer, and fashion figure.

While fans hype over J.Lo's new romance-comedy drama, Marry Me, her older hits deserve a chance to resurface, portraying the talented star in all her glory.

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