'For Love or Murder' full cast list: Kristen Vaganos and others star in Lifetime thriller

Kristen Vaganos plays Angie in For Love or Murder (Image via kvaganos/ Instagram)
Kristen Vaganos plays Angie in For Love or Murder (Image via kvaganos/ Instagram)

For Love or Murder is all about the search for truth and a possible murderer. Wedding planner Angie (Kristen Vaganos) is at her wits' end when she stumbles upon her estranged brother Michael (Benedict Mazurek) at their parents' funeral. What's more, she is then tasked with planning his wedding with Olivia (Maddison Bullock).

As seen in most cases, Lifetime's films start easy but soon turn ugly. Given the premise, For Love or Murder won't disappoint.

Kristen Vaganos as Angie in For Love or Murder

Kristen Vaganos is a woman of many talents. The For Love or Murder star acts, writes and produces films. Growing up, the Philadelphia-native was pushed to sign up for everything. She didn't like sports but loved being on the stage.

Speaking to Dread Central in 2020, she recalled how she never wanted to grow out of playing make-believe. Ever since her first play, Vaganos has been determined to pursue greatness in acting.

She further elaborated:

"By embodying the behavior and circumstances of my characters I can share and illustrate a very personal experience that is unfamiliar to an audience and hopefully create more empathy. That’s my true goal, to spread and promote empathy."

She is known for her work in Serial Soulmate, Hot Java, My Sweet Holiday and Wedding Screeners, among others.

Maddison Bullock as Olivia

The For Love or Murder actress has a rare and interesting back story. Before Bullock took up acting, she was a professional figure skater. The award-winning actress is best known for her roles in sports films.

Speaking to Figure Skaters Online in 2018, she described why she was drawn to films on skating. Written and co-directed by Bullock, Ice: The Movie was about two elite-level skaters and their journey as teammates and friends.

She explained:

"It’s a unique perspective of what it is like to be in an individual sport, but also shows a teamwork component to it."

Bullock is also known for her portrayal of Marty in No Girls Allowed and Jana Spicer in Sisters for Life. Over the years, she has made guest appearances on popular network shows and OTT series such as General Hospital and 13 Reasons Why. Some of her upcoming projects include American Bigfoot and The Handler.

Benedict Mazurek as Michael

Growing up, the Kansas boy was drawn towards community theater, which is where he developed his love for acting. Following his graduation, the For Love or Murder actor trained at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts and later landed a gig on the Broadway show Phases.

Unlike his peers, Mazurek seems to have taken it easy when it comes to signing projects. On average, he has done two films each year. Danger! Danger!, Saving My Children and The 6th Degree are some of his recent works.

Meanwhile, For Love or Murder premieres on October 22, Friday on Lifetime Movie Network at 8:00 pm Eastern Time (ET). The thriller also stars Ryan Francis, Triana Browne and Cody Bagshaw in supporting roles.

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