'Forecasting Love and Weather' Episode 4: Shi-woo and Ha-kyung decide to date each other secretly

A still of Song Kang and Park Min-young as Shi-woo and Ha-kyung (Image via jtbcdrama/Instagram)
A still of Song Kang and Park Min-young as Shi-woo and Ha-kyung (Image via jtbcdrama/Instagram)

After Shi-woo’s (Song Kang) confession in the previous episode, the latest episode of Forecasting Love and Weather begins with Shi-woo’s dream. The episode’s theme is visibility, something that the Korean Meteorological Administration deals with. The onset of fog causes a 14-car pile crash, and Director Ha-kyung (Park Min-young) is under pressure to explain why fog-related incidents continue to occur.

Interspersed with this issue is the drama behind-the-scenes. Did Ha-kyung agree to date Shi-woo in Forecasting Love and Weather? Answers await audiences at the end of the episode as the incident is revealed bit by bit. For instance, Ha-kyung’s initial reaction disagrees with Shi-woo’s proposal.

Why Ha-kyung corners Shi-woo at work in 'Forecasting Love and Weather'

Ha-kyung goes all out in ensuring that her colleagues do not pick up on her attraction for Shi-woo or vice-versa. She initially does this by piling on more work than fair on Shi-woo in Forecasting Love and Weather. Their colleagues begin to believe that she is unhappy with Shi-woo and warn him about the same. Irrespective of her answer, Ha-kyung doesn’t want any more gossip about her spread in the office.

The only thing that seems to be stopping her from exploring a relationship with Shi-woo is the gossip. After experiencing a public betrayal and breakup, Ha-kyung doesn’t have it in her to go through a similar situation again. Yet, the intensity of her feelings for Shi-woo increases with every passing moment that she spends with him in Forecasting Love and Weather.

Only towards the end of the episode do audiences realize that Ha-kyung is not cornering Shi-woo. The two of them are setting up cover in the office as they decide to date outside.

What is Ha-kyung’s condition to date Shi-woo?

Turns out, Ha-kyung gives in to Shi-woo’s proposal on one condition. Not only do the two of them go at each other, but they also decide that they would both be better off if they keep their romance on the down-low. Ha-kyung also tells Shi-woo sternly that if anyone in their office were to figure out the truth about their relationship, it would have to end that very minute.

Ha-kyung decides not to sell the apartment that she had bought with her ex to attempt to move on. She wants to try building new memories. This is something that Shi-woo suggests, and she sees reason in the same.

Not only this, but she also begins to get closer to Shi-woo during their time away from work and her apartment becomes the spot where they hang out. While the two get more intimate, their ex-partners, who marry each other, are already going through a rough patch.

The obstacle to Shi-woo and Ha-kyung’s relationship would be their ex-partners. It would be interesting to see how Shi-woo and Ha-kyung deal with this in Forecasting Love and Weather.

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Edited by Srijan Sen