5 recipes inspired by Friends

Friends' recipes that are more popular than we think (Image via @GBPosterdotcom/Twitter)
Friends' recipes that are more popular than we think (Image via @GBPosterdotcom/Twitter)

Friends has been the favorite comedy of several folks for years now. Fans who have seen numerous episodes are likely to appreciate how much of the show revolves around food across most episodes.

Whether it's Monica's enthusiasm for cooking or Joey's affinity for food consumption, the love for food runs deep. Friends' meals are a much less definite but equally unforgettable component.

There's no lack of unforgettable dishes in the show's 10-year existence, from Rachel's unequivocally terrible traditional English trifle to Ross's Moist-Maker sandwich and Phoebe's cherished family cookie recipe.

While not everyone can cook Monica's beautiful duck breast with broccoli rabe, Friends has undoubtedly influenced a plethora of culinary creations. Yes, including the trifle.

Rachel's English trifle and other unforgettable recipes from Friends

1) Phoebe's chocolate chip cookies with sentimental value

Classic Nestle Toulouse.

Monica takes great pains in the season 7 episode, titled The One With Phoebe's Cookies, to investigate the mystery of Phoebe's prized family cookie recipe, mostly to find that the formula is on the back of the packet. Furthermore, Phoebe simply mistook Nestlé Toulouse for her great grandmother's name.

She said that her grandma's renowned chocolate chip cookie mix originated from Nestle Toulouse, a renowned French baker. However, it appears that the exclusive ingredient is the same one that can be discovered on the back of the cookie box.

2) Ross's famous turkey sandwich


Ross's favorite sandwich consisted of Thanksgiving leftovers and a slice of gravy dipped bread known as the moist-maker. Ross is arguably more protective of his meals than Joey, especially his Thanksgiving leftover turkey sandwich.

Ross explodes in a season 5 episode, titled The One With Ross's Sandwich, when his supervisor steals his sandwich from the office refrigerator and did not even bother finishing it.

3) Rachel's traditional English Trifle


Rachel's efforts at creating a Thanksgiving pastry that went tragically wrong in Season 6 became one of Friend's most legendary cooking scenes ever. Rachel offers to prepare a classic English trifle in The One Where Ross Got High.

However, she accidentally cooks half a trifle and half a shepherd's pie, inventing the Berries and Cream Trifles recipes. As Rachel describes each strata of the delicacy to Ross and Joey, the inaccuracy is discovered. It starts with a layer of ladyfingers, followed by a layer of jam and homemade custard.

4) Cheesecake from Mama's Little Bakery ends up on the floor

tow all the cheesecake is top tier chandler and rachel

Rachel and Chandler can't get enough of cheesecakes from Mama's Little Bakery, which is evidently more popular than the former's trifle in Friends. Rachel and Chandler grow enamored with a cheesecake that was unintentionally brought to his house in the season 7 episode titled The One With All the Cheesecakes.

They get so addicted that they take the other one from in front of their neighbor Mrs. Braverman's doorstep and devour it off the ground. One can tell by looking at their stuffed faces that even after getting smashed on the floor, it tastes far better than Rachel's trifle.

5) Monica's jam therapy to mend a broken heart

Bad relationships are difficult, but breakups are worse. The process of moving on can sometimes include a substantial amount of cooking. To repair a shattered spirit, Friends supporters are going to dive down a cooking rabbit hole.

When Monica and Richard decided to end their relationship, the former begins cooking jam to divert herself. Her jam strategy succeeds for a time, but she soon changes her focus to starting a family. Fortunately, making strawberry frozen jam doesn't need to be a crisis, and additionally, it is wonderful to taste.

The opportunity to create one's own version of these iconic Friends' recipes should never be avoided. People have recreated tons of versions of these recipes, and they are assured to go down in history as a few of the most bizarre yet mouth-watering dishes.

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