‘Friends’: Top haircuts sported by Jennifer Aniston 

Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green on Friends (Image via IMDb)
Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green on Friends (Image via IMDb)

Friends might have been a show about six friends, but when it came to fashion, Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) was the sole star. From her outfit to her hair, every bit of her appearance was iconic. No one pulled off 90s fashion like Rachel and her exquisite sense of style continues to trend.

The super successful show ran for 10 seasons (1994-2004) and the sitcom's aesthetics can be largely credited to Rachel's changing hairstyle. Jennifer Aniston showcased a variety of haircuts on Friends, and here's a look at the ones that stood out the most.


1) Beach waves

The beachy, effortless hairstyle Rachel had for most of the eighth season of Friends looked one of the healthiest and most natural haircuts she'd had. It had volume but not excessive volume and the waves were perfectly placed. This was the crown jewel of haircuts as the length also hit the perfect spot on her shoulders.

2) The Updo

The messy yet chic full-and-half-up dos in season one of Friends not only gave her the authentic 90s look but also showcased Rachel's transition from a spoiled brat to a self-reliant woman. The artfully misplaced locks portrayed a woman who was working hard and didn't have time to cater to her looks while also not looking shabby. The fluffy-haired updos really rounded out her angular face.

3) Curtain bangs

The haircut was especially memorable because it reminded fans of the final episode of Friends. Goodbyes are always hard, but Jennifer Aniston left her fashion followers with this final hairstyle which made for a cute and professional look.

In the last season, Rachel was a working mother who had just got her dream job. The look might not have been very Rachel-like but it was perfect to portray a chic mom and a fashionista.

4) Mid-length

This haircut probably symbolized the "true" Rachel style. It encapsulated her entire persona. It wasn't too long or too short. It was the perfect length with impeccable layers. The partition veered ever-so-slightly to the right to create a semblance of side-swept bangs.

5) Layered bob

The haircut was not only the perfect length for Rachel, but it also gave an amazing bounce to her hair. Jennifer Aniston sported this hairstyle throughout season two of Friends, which is when she became famous for her hair. However, she eventually admitted to hating the look because of the high maintenance it required.

6) Long layers

In season six of Friends, Rachel's hair went from a bob cut to a full-length, voluminous mane of layered tresses. While perfectly straight and lustrous, the hair's sheer volume made her face look small. It was also too bohemian a hairstyle for the otherwise pristine Rachel. Definitely not her best look.

7) Straight bob

This was probably the worst haircut Rachel had. While it wasn't messy, the cut fell flat on her head and made her look average. The chic, girl-next-door Rachel factor went amiss in this hairstyle.

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Edited by Prem Deshpande