Gender Neutral fashion: Gender bending brands that you must check out

Gender Neutral Fashion at the Huemn Show (Image via Getty Images)
Gender Neutral Fashion at the Huemn Show (Image via Getty Images)

With Gender Neutral fashion taking over the globe, the big question you need to ask yourself now is whether your gender or sexuality should have the ability to interfere with your fashion statement?

For years, the answer to this question was yes, but today more and more brands are coming forward with their gender-neutral apparel. In a world where binary gender identity has become an ancient phenomenon, designers are stepping up with more clothing options that are gender-inclusive.

Are you wondering how to bask in the goodness of this fashion parade? Read on to know more about our top 5 picks.

Top brands that serve gender neutral goodness at its best

1) Olderbrother

This Oregon-based brand not only promotes androgynous basics but also encourages sustainable and inclusive fashion. The brand uses organic and deadstock fabrics, natural dyes and supports self-definition. Their garments can be worn by anyone irrespective of their backgrounds, sizes and genders.

2) Telfar

Telfar made its first appearance in New York in 2005 and has been a success at each fashion show ever since. The brand showcases a unique collection inclusive of one-of-its-kind leather belts and hats. The brand abides by its motto of "not for you, for everyone."

Designer Telfar Clemens wants the motto to go out as a loud and clear message. Additionally, Teflar is moving towards cruelty-free clothing which is evident from their latest collection of cozy hoodies and vegan leather shopping bags. The label is a popular brand among the Femboy fashion community as well.

The range includes ready-to-wear apparel, gorgeous handbags, and accessories that are meant for all.

3) Kirrin Finch

Another New York-based brand that provides menswear-inspired apparel for all bodies. The brand hopes to “do good" in this world by nurturing close-knit relationships with the people who are making each of its products. Kirrin Finch is one of the top picks for many reasons.

They follow the most ethical and fair labor and manufacturing practices. They also regularly support various projects aimed at helping LGBTQ communities and women. The brand uses pure blends of fiber where all their garments are androgenous-friendly, covering all sizes from 0-24. The dapper styles are available for formal and casual occasions.

4) TomboyX

Founders Fran and Naomi do not use 'tomboy' in the traditional gender-role sense. They define 'tomboy' as anyone who does their own thing and dresses in any way they want to. This non-binary brand is famous for its undergarments, apparel, swimwear, accessories, and loungewear. Other than this, the brand favors materials for earth such as Tencel fabric.

All their products are free of toxic chemicals. TomboyX is conscious of promoting a good culture amongst the different levels of the supply chain. Most of their factories are women-owned. The size availability is pretty inclusive too, starting from XS all the way to 4X!

5) Big Bud Press

This LA-based brand creates genderless garments that accommodate all body sizes. Sizes from XXS through 7XL are available for premium unisex goods. The brand prioritizes local sourcing and ethical manufacturing at each step.

Their vibrant colored jumpsuits suit each body type and whether you are male, female or non-binary, you ought to fall in love with them.

We salute these brands for promoting garments that include non-binary genders and celebrating gender fluidity. These designers are surely burying lines between distinct genders in the fashion industry. It will be exciting to see which new brands come up with more such inclusive garments that promote inclusivity and body positivity.

Note: This article only reflects the author's point of view.

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