Georgina Sparks' surprise return to Gossip Girl, explained

Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl (Image via The CW)
Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl (Image via The CW)

A lot of things are in store for Gossip Girl fans in this week's episode, including the biggest re-entry that fans could have asked for. Yes, Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) is back in the mix! The veteran actress, who portrayed the original 'Queen of Mean' in the original series, has returned to play the character in the reboot and it seems that this long-awaited return was the key to explaining many things that have been happening this season.

Sparks returned in the sixth episode of the second season, and she looks more threatening than ever before. The second season of the Gossip Girl reboot premiered on December 1, 2022, and is currently halfway through the season. With this revelation come many questions.

Read on to find out more about Georgina Sparks' return to the Gossip Girl universe.

Gossip Girl season 2: Breaking down Georgina Sparks' return


Not only was Georgina's return shocking, but what is even more incredible is that she was the one pulling all the strings from behind throughout the season, as explained in the sixth episode of the show.

It turns out that Georgina was the one texting Mike (Pico Alexander) about the gossip girl's true identity. Georgina also drugged and kidnapped Kate (Tavi Gevinson), forcing her to sabotage the vow renewal ceremony. Kate did tell her to leave after this, but Georgina seemed far from satisfied.

She even awoke Kate wearing one of Serena’s (played by Blake Lively in the original series) signature dresses. She said:

"Brooklyn Heights? I’d rather be back at Jesus camp than be caught dead here,....This is Dan and Serena’s house. They fired their staff when they thought someone was breaking in. At first they thought it was the doorman, but when they kept coming home to this, they put up cameras everywhere. I had my son loop the image, so now they’re bringing in a paranormal expert. They have no idea I’m their poltergeist. [I’ve been doing this for] five or six years. At first it was small annoyances — taking a sock or two, turning the heat down. But then I wanted a little more fun, like replacing the oat milk with full dairy. Their kid’s lactose intolerant. They’ve seen every specialist, and no one knows what’s wrong."

This almost explains the psychotic character who seems ready to wreak havoc on the Gossip Girl universe once again.

Georgina's entry was both clever and important for the show's development. This week's episode also brought back another major character from the past, Nelly Yuki (Yin Chang), who is now the youngest deputy editor in the history of New York Magazine. She also appeared for a brief scene in the first season of the show.

Of course, this episode did not reveal all of Georgina's plans. But it is clear that she is not going away anytime soon. Her character was always driven to create more and more drama. This time, it seems she is the one who knows the gossip girl's identity, and she can also force Kate to do whatever she wants. With all of this combined, Georgina can cause ultimate chaos.

More things about the character will be revealed as the series progresses. Stay tuned for more updates.

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