Ghost Doctor ending explained: Does Seung-tak manage to save Young-min's life?

A still of Kim Bum and Rain (image via tvn_drama/Instagram)
A still of Kim Bum and Rain (image via tvn_drama/Instagram)

Ghost Doctor has come to an end. The show's final episode answers the important question of whether Seung-tak, played by Kim Bum, was able to save Professor Cha Young-min, played by Rain, after the latter fell into a coma at the beginning of the show.

Over the sixteen episodes, Young-min, who becomes a ghost after meeting with an accident, figures out that the only human that he is able to possess is none other than his student, Seung-tak. He used his juniors to do all sorts of things, including surgeries that he thought were beneath him when he was conscious.


Initially, it was without Seung-tak's permission, but when Young-min learns about Seung-tak's special abilities, the two come to an understanding. This understanding led to the two of them working together, and as a result, the two now have a bond.

In Ghost Doctor, Seung-tak outsmarts his cousin to save Young-min

This bond in the K-Drama, which has been created through treating patients together, overcoming trauma together, and other life-changing moments, is the reason why Seung-tak is unable to take the easy and safe route out for Young-min.

He doesn't want to take chances on Young-min's health deteriorating in exchange for him getting out of a coma.

The man's spirit may be out and about in Ghost Doctor, but his body needs to be saved to ensure that he doesn't perish. Currently, a medical complication has resulted in Young-min and his partner Se-jin reconsidering the surgery that Seung-tak was set to perform. Instead, they believe that bypass surgery would give Young-min a better chance of waking up from his coma.

This bypass would, however, mean that he may never be able to operate on patients again, let alone be as prolific as he has been in the past. Seung-tak is not ready to give up on his teacher yet, and so he decides to stick by his decision.

A conversation with a patient who has been in a coma for far longer than Young-min in the drama makes the doctor realize that he needs to wake up from his coma and treat more patients, curing as many as possible. This realization leads to a change in plans. Before Seung-tak's cousin, Seung-won, decides to attack, they come up with a counter plan.

Seung-tak and Young-min use Dr Ahn in Ghost Doctor

They used doctor Ahn, who had previously worked against Young-min and betrayed him, to fool Seung-won into believing that Young-min's surgery would not end on a solid note. Ahn is now on the path to redemption after realizing his mistakes. To redeem himself, he worked with Seung-tak in ensuring that Seung-won was not suspicious and Young-min's surgery was successful.

The moment Seung-tak ties the final stitch in Ghost Doctor, Young-min, who has been by Seung-tak's side, tutoring him and helping him complete the surgery, disappears. This is a happy occasion though, and Seung-tak also realizes the same. This means that the surgery has been successful, and hence Young-min will wake up sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Ghost Doctor also gives a heartwarming conclusion to the patients who are cured by the Ghost Doctor and his student. Seung-tak understands that ghosts will never remember the ordeals that they had experienced in the netherworld, but he hopes that Young-min is different.

Young-min, who is also aware of this possibility, recorded a statement on Seung-tak's phone. Of course, it is Seung-tak speaking, but Young-min records the statement along with incidents from the past that no one other than Young-min himself would know.

Does Young-min remember Seung-tak in Ghost Doctor?

After Young-min wakes up from his coma in Ghost Doctor, it seems as if he has forgotten everything about his time as a ghost as well. He doesn't recognize Seung-tak with warmth or affection, and it seems as if Young-min is back to the times when he was a prickly doctor.

However, it is revealed towards the end that Young-min goes against the rules and remembers everything from the time that he was a ghost. He only set a trap for Seung-won to step in. Once he succeeds, he reveals the truth to Seung-tak, and the two of them get their happy endings. Young-min with Se-jin and Seung-tak with Soo-jung.

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