Givenchy Dream Shoe: Release date, price, and more about the TK 360 sneaker

Matthew's Dream Shoe TK-360 ( Image via Givenchy)
Matthew's Dream Shoe TK-360 ( Image via Givenchy)
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Givenchy has released its groundbreaking sneaker, TK-360, which is Matthew M. Williams' "dream shoe." TK-360 launched via the label for its Pre-Fall 2022 menswear collection and embarks on a new technical era.

The press release describing the sneaker states:

"This season, Givenchy presents an avant-garde, statement-making men's fashion sneaker conceived by Creative Director Matthew M. Williams as his "dream shoe" and developed exclusively by Givenchy."

The TK-360 sneaker's name is inspired by its total knit construction in the overall shoe. The shoes were recently released on the label's official website in limited pieces on May 6, 2022. However, they are set to be officially launched on July 1, 2022.

More about Matthew Williams and Givenchy's dream shoes, TK-360

Matthew M. Williams' dream shoes, TK-360 ( Image via Givenchy)
Matthew M. Williams' dream shoes, TK-360 ( Image via Givenchy)

The TK-360 shoes are designed in total knit construction, which not only wraps around the shoes, but makes up the shoes in its entirety. The shoes singlehandedly signify Williams' vision for Givenchy, which brings the brand into its futuristic identity.

The total knit design was first spotted on the Spring 2022 runway of the label, and has now been made an essential component of the Fall 2022 collection. Matthew M.Williams alludes to its total knit construction and revealed how it could bring in new possibilities in an interview with Complex.

"Right now, we’re doing more uppers on the TK-360. Like, we have the 360 Plus that was in the last show that I’m wearing right now that has the Framis on top. We’re working on a high top, different things with top stitching and treatments, mixing more of that together as we become more proficient in making that shoe. But Total Knit as a concept is definitely something that I wanna explore in other silhouettes, maybe even potentially like women’s high heels."

TK-360 shoes are constructed in a new state-of-the-art technology in a fully-knitted piece. The sneakers feature a radical shape and firmly place the bold line in the vanguard style.

The single-piece structure fuses a disruptive shape and technical prowess that is comfortable and visually arresting. The custom-molded silhouette features a classic stretch knot integrated with the sole, which makes it possible and comfortable to walk directly on the knit.

The shoe's unusual antromorphic and undultating shape hugs the foot, and the pod-like shape under the foot provides a grippy element. The grippy elements have been added to the knit fabric to keep sneakerheads from slipping.

The branding has been kept to a minimum with subtle play on texture and contrasting "GIVENCHY" lettering appearing on the lateral rear-quarter in block-caps.

This limited drop has brought TK-360 shoes in black, acid yellow, white, anthracite colors, and a MAY 6 exclusive pink colored shoes. Colorways Navy and Camel Beige are set to release later this year in July.

Each of these pairs will retail for $895 USD, and is set to drop on the official e-commerce sites. The shoes will also be released at the label's Miami Design District store, Patron of the New store in New York, Maxfield, A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and Houston, Creme in Philadelphia, and on

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