5 best moments from GOT7 Homecoming day 1: NANANA's debut, The Green Ocean, and more

GOT7 at their first fanmeet in two years (Image via @GOT7/Twitter)
GOT7 at their first fanmeet in two years (Image via @GOT7/Twitter)

GOT7 Homecoming day 1 has officially ended with a blast and several swoon-worthy moments. The K-pop band held their first fan meet, GOT7 Homecoming 2022 FanCon, since leaving JYP Entertainment.

The seven-member group had a heartwarming reunion with the AHGASE, their fandom where they channeled their old selves and had a gala time while performing for the fans. GOT7 Homecoming Day 1 was definitely a hit with several beautiful moments created by the band the fans together.

Fans got to enjoy new tracks from the band, adding to it the most precious moments from the event. With GOT7 making their first comeback post leaving JYP this week, their fans are awaiting more performances by the group as OT7.

GOT7 Homecoming 2022 took place at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul, South Korea, with the attendance of thousands of fans. However, before you get swamped with GOT7's coming, here are five of the best moments from GOT7 Homecoming day 1.

5 best moments from GOT7 Homecoming day 1 fanmeet

1) The Green Ocean

The green ocean is back…

The seven-member group reunited with their fans after more than two years and delivered their most iconic performance. In addition to listening to them online, GOT7 fans got to experience the green ocean once again.

The official color of the group, green, was seen taking over the stadium as AHGASE whirled their lightsticks in the air. The meaningful GOT7 Homecoming day 1 brought back memories to the group, which further encouraged them to exceed the initial event time.

2) NANANA's debut

NANANA’s dance is so addicting!!#GOT7_HomecomingDay1 #GOT7HOMECOMING #GOT7

GOT7 further elevated their fanmeet by debuting NANANA, a new track from their upcoming comeback. Another fresh track, Don't Leave Me Alone, was also part of the fantastic setlist.

Fans jammed to NANANA and Don't Leave Me Alone while rejoicing at the group's older tracks. Aside from admiring their idols for their amazing performances and vocals, NANANA's dance break was another highlight from GOT7 Homecoming day 1.

3) Members getting emotional

😭😭😭😭😭😭emotional!jinyoung got me lying in a puddle of my own tears

The members had an emotional interaction with fans while performing at the event, resulting in Jinyoung crying. AHGASE knows well that Jinyoung rarely cries, and his breakdown on day 1 was definitely an overwhelming moment.

All seven members reminisced about their new lives with their new agencies. Jinyoung told fans that their respective agencies were more excited for GOT7's reunion than themselves.

4) Jay B and Jinyoung's parents' interaction with fans

Jaebeom and Jinyoung's parents giving out the rice cakes.. they're so nice this is cutee 🥺#GOT7HOMECOMING #GOT7

Another highlight from GOT7 Homecoming day 1 has to be the interaction between Jay B and Jinyoung's parents, who distributed rice cakes to fans outside the venue.

AHGASE has been praising the cute act on Twitter. They also witnessed Jinyoung sweetly waving to their parents, who were enjoying the concert with other fans.

5) The chaotic GOT7


Many memories made at the event were new to fans and the Just Right singer, but the chaotic energy possessed by the group was still the same. From Jinyoung patting himself to everyone except Jackson prepping to dance to a lullaby, GOT7 made fans laugh with their hilarious acts on stage.

They created madness and magic for the fans before bidding them goodbye with tears. The group exceeded the fancon by two hours, since they could not bring themselves to end it.

While updating the images from GOT7 Homecoming day 1, the septet promised fans they would return soon.

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