5 GOT7 viral moments: Jackson's shock, Dumb Dumb performance, and more

GOT7 (Image via @GOT7Official/Twitter)
GOT7 (Image via @GOT7Official/Twitter)

GOT7 was JYP Entertainment's (JYPE) boy group which debuted in 2014 with the song Girls Girls Girls. The group comprises Jay B, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom.

However, the group announced their departure from JYPE in 2022 and continued with their solo activities, signing on with other labels.

GOT7 is one of the most chaotic and genuine groups in the K-pop music industry. The seven members are not afraid to show the raw, uncensored version of themselves to their fans, Aghases, despite being aware that idols have a certain image to hold up.

Their unabashedly honest portrayal of themselves has led them to go viral many times.

Five most memorable GOT7 moments that went viral

1) Jackson's shock

the iconic jackson’s reaction to jyp stage at mama 2019

Jackson was stupefied when he saw the CEO of his former label, Jinyong Park (JYP), perform with MAMAMOO's Hwasa wearing iconic transparent plastic pants at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

Jackson was shocked upon seeing this avatar of JYP. This particular video was shared umpteen times amongst K-pop fans who found Jackson's expression of disgust perfectly capturing what they were feeling while watching JYP on stage.

2) Dumb Dumb performance

GOT7 performed their rendition of Red Velvet’s iconic songs Dumb Dumb during their Fly Concert. The group had wigs and clothes identical to what the girl group was wearing in their music video.

They performed enthusiastically for the fans, leaving them hollering. Later, BamBam and Yugyeom even uploaded a picture of themselves in their Dumb Dumb outfits, showing off their gorgeous figures in the beautiful dresses that seemed to suit them a lot.

3) The b*tt debate

the famous got7 butt debate

Debates are a crucial part of South Korean culture, whether it be about perilla leaves or straws. However, one of the most talked-about debates is the classic b*tt debate.

Do humans have one b*tt or two? GOT7 tried their hand at solving some of this confusion and ended up being more chaotic than ever.

The members forgot they were talking to fans via a VLive broadcast and got completely engrossed in the debate. Every member tried to convince the others with serious facts about why their viewpoint was the correct one.

Bambam even applauded the question as a good one, while Youngjae laughed at how seriously the members took the debate.

4) Youngjae's Instagram fails

Youngjae has managed to host the most chaotic Instagram Lives GOT7 fans have ever seen. Despite being one of the more subdued and calm members of the group, his chaotic nature is in full view when he is by himself with no checks in place.

When a fan asked him to say something nice in English on Instagram, he repeated something nice instead of saying some nice things to the fans. This made the fans laugh out loud at his dad joke.

This is not the only time Youngjae has left fans in shock. When he tried to show off his pet dog to the viewers on his Instagram live, both Youngjae and the fans were surprised at what they saw.

Youngjae’s dog was caught on camera trying to hump the pillow, leaving the GOT7 member flustered and speechless. The video went viral on Twitter.

5) Hot guy Jackson

Happy Anniversary to "that hot guy next to Liam Payne [with a green highlighter]" during MTV EMA 2017 👑🍓@JacksonWang852 #잭#王嘉爾 #잭

Jackson went viral as the ‘hot guy next to Liam Payne’ when both Liam and Jackson were spotted standing next to each other during their appearance at the 2017 MTV EMAs.

Jackson was invited to the show as the official ambassador of Greater China. His appearance took Twitter by storm when everyone started inquiring about his details.

Many managed to find his Instagram account, and Aghases were busy worrying about the incoming fight for tour tickets. Liam even mentioned on Twitter that Jackson was a nice guy, and Jackson followed Liam on Instagram after their interaction.

Despite their departure from the company, the group promised Aghases that the members would continue to be GOT7 and release songs together. They have kept their word and have recently opened a new Twitter account and released a brand new logo, announcing their comeback on May 6.

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