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Hack My Home
Hack My Home (Image via Instagram/ @brooksatwood)

Hack My Home, a new series on home renovations, is slated to drop on Netflix on July 7 at 3 am ET. Viewers will be able to see how decor, furniture, and more, are transformed from nothing to something beautiful in this show. With only a few hours left for its premiere, fans are already giving the show their full support.

The trailer of Hack My Home has already been released, and according to the description in the trailer, it mentions:

“HACK MY HOME follows deserving families experiencing a different version of the same problem – they need more space, but don’t want to move or break the bank to upgrade their home. Brought in to tackle these spatial challenges are our dream team of experts: Mikel Welch on Design, Brooks Atwood on Innovation, Ati Williams on Construction and Jessica Banks on Engineering.”

It further states:

“These home renovation and design gurus combine their skills to transform overcrowded spaces with their creative, out-of-the-box builds, decor, and storage solutions to ensure that every square inch is maximized to its fullest potential for their clients.”

Needless to say, fans are excited to find out what's in store for them.

What can fans expect from Hack My Home's upcoming season?

Hack My Home, will feature a team of professionals helping their clients transform their homes into their dream spaces. In order to provide their clients with the best service, the core team will understand and work through their needs.

The dream team includes Ati Williams, who has expertise in construction, Jessica L Banks, who comes with an engineering degree, Brooks Atwood, who handles the innovation sector, and Mikel Welch, who will be making use of his design background.

Moreover, Brooks will host the show as well. His previous appearances include Design Star season 8, Shop Class, The Today Show, and BetterTV. The team's main goal is to satisfy their clients with their work and maximize the amount of space in a room that they can offer.

Featuring Rebecca Rosichan as the casting supervisor, the upcoming show, Hack My Home, is produced by Anne Hill, Ross Breitenbach, Nicole Elliott, Ming Lee Howell, and Christian Sarabia. Additionally, Christian Sarabia is the executive producer of the show. On July 7, all eight episodes of the show will be released, with each episode lasting around 30 minutes.


Sharing what fans can look forward to as the show, Hack My Home, premieres, Ati Williams explained:

“If you’ve been racking your brain for clever ways to maximize every cubic inch of your home, without expanding its physical footprint, I’m here to reveal some construction wizardry. You’ll be amazed at what can be accomplished within your home’s existing boundaries. Also, I’ll be wearing my disco globe hardhat!”

In addition, Jessica Banks spoke about some of the things fans will see on her end.

“Watch this robotics engineer turned inventor solve seemingly impossible space (think stairs, not stars) problems in ingenious ways. I am excited to empower you with technology and charge your brain with curiosity!”

Meanwhile, Mikel Welch explained how this show differs from other home makeover shows.

“We have furniture that retracts from the ceiling, hidden speakeasy-style home offices, and so much more!”

Finally, Brooks Atwood shared that this series will cover all aspects of how a construction project is designed and showcase the process of remodeling a home. The show will demonstrate all the failures as well as the amazing solutions they find out together.

All eight episodes of the show, Hack My Home, will be available on Netflix on July 7 at 3 am ET.

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