"He kind of blew up cause he kissed Corinna Kopf": Adin Ross "upset" with Ludwig after the latter calls him a normie

Adin Ross x Ludwig seems to be beefing at the moment
Adin Ross x Ludwig seems to be beefing at the moment
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

In what is probably one of the most unexpected Twitch feuds in recent memory, streamers Ludwig Ahgren and Adin Ross recently exchanged words on stream.

The former, fresh from the success of his historic "Subathon," recently shared his honest opinion on the style of content that NBA 2K streamer Adin Ross tends to create.

At one particular segment, he referred to Adin's style of content as "normie," as he referred to one of his streams where he kissed Corinna Kopf, which sparked his monumental rise:

"I think the king of Normie content is Adin Ross, whose stream every time I've tuned in is awkward flirting with a girl that everybody in the chat is spamming L, cringe, or W to. I think Adin Ross has replaced the Ricegums of the world. All I know is he kinda blew up cause he kissed Corinna Kopf on the mouth twice, and now he pulls 30K to a 100K viewers."

While Ludwig's remarks may have been laced with a sense of blatant honesty, they seem to have irked Adin, who soon responded on stream.

The Adin Ross x Ludwig Ahgren beef explained

In his response, Adin Ross seemed irked by Ludwig's recent remarks as he went to the extent of claiming that he could easily break his recent Subathon record with the help of his community.

"If I did that, I would break his shit..cmmon guys! Motherf*****s know how my community is, we got the strongest shit in the world. I've been doing this shit way less time than all of these guys bro. I don't know like that shit honestly like makes me upset cause I've shown nothing but love towards this motherf****r you know. It's crazy."

His response ended up attracting the attention of Ludwig, who weighed in on his clap back:

"That's the Jake Paul, been on YouTube 6 mil in 3 months, never done before. Bruh, how is calling you a normie, not love? Where's the insult?"

Later on, Ludwig also expressed surprise over why his comment had blown up in the first place when he had literally admitted to being a normie himself.

In light of this recent back and forth, Twitter users soon shared their thoughts on the makings of an unexpected beef:

With battle lines already being drawn online between Ludwig and Adin fans, it appears that the entire situation seems to have been blown out of proportion.

As opposing fandoms continue to duke it out online, it remains to be seen what course this beef ends up eventually taking and if, indeed, Ludwig's Subathon record is in danger of being broken or not.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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