“He taught me what I don’t want in a man”: Mads Lewis opens up about relationship drama involving Jaden Hossler

(L) Mads Lewis from Dixie's YouTube series, “The Early Late Night Show,”and Jaden Hossler (Image via YouTube & Instagram)
(L) Mads Lewis from Dixie's YouTube series, “The Early Late Night Show,”and Jaden Hossler (Image via YouTube & Instagram)

Mads Lewis has finally shared her side of the story of the 4-way dramageddon with Jaden Hossler, Nessa Barrett, and Josh Richards. The TikTok star confessed to “sugarcoating” many incidents between her and ex-boyfriend Hossler after the latter went public over his newfound love for Nessa Barrett.

Mads Lewis was recently a guest on TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio’s YouTube series, “The Early Late Night Show.” Speaking about the break-up and drama, the 18-year-old began pointing out the incidents that followed after her appearance on the “Call Me Daddy” podcast from last month.

A no-holds-barred Mads Lewis began by subtlely throwing shade at Nessa Barrett. She said:

“I don’t like people who steal other people’s boyfriends.”

Dixie was caught fairly by surprise and laughed off the unexpected shade. Readers can check out the video below.


Mads Lewis then stated that Jaden, in fact, broke up with her over the phone. But she only found out much later that he had been unfaithful to her during their whole time together. Dixie also asked Mads why Josh was “so against” her allegations regarding Jaden and Nessa’s affair.

Her response was:

“Jaden lied to him – that’s what he always does, telling him that everything I was saying wasn’t true.”

D’Amelio also pitched in and added that Josh and Jaden were “best friends, like brothers.” But the bigger surprise was Mads revealing that Josh had told Jaden that “he really loves” Nessa and planned to marry her.

Mads Lewis does not regret dating Jaden Hossler

Lewis also doubled down on claims that Jaden and Nessa’s relationship was a publicity stunt. She alleged that Jaden’s manager encouraged the TikTok star to break up with Mads and start a new relationship with Nessa. Mads added:

“I think [the relationship] was set up by Nessa and her manager because she wants fame really bad.”

Addressing Jaden and Nessa’s first public outing last month at The Nice Guy, Mads Lewis claimed the two were greeted by paparazzi, although they never revealed on social media where they’d dine out together.

Mads accused Jaden and Nessa of “calling the paparazzi” before their arrival, also asking:

“How did paparazzi know where you were?”

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Thinking back on the entire dramageddon between the four stars – Mads Lewis still stood by her time with Jaden and said she had “no regrets” and, in fact, learned a valuable lesson telling Dixie, “He taught me what I don’t want in a man.”

Mads also called Jaden a “narcissist” for falsely leading her to believe in a future together, which “gaslit” her into a relationship with him before knowing Jaden repeatedly “[went] behind [my] back.”

Lewis added that she still didn’t “necessarily” get an apology from Jaden and Nessa. The TikTok star also tried to speak with her ex-boyfriend in person to find closure before taking part in the interview, but Jaden declined.

So far, Jaden and Nessa haven’t responded to the barrage of claims made by Mads Lewis during Dixie’s “The Early Late Night Show.”


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