“Heather is a grade A gaslighter”: RHOC fans react to Heather Dubrow mistreating Noella Bergener

Heather Dubrow and Noella Bergener from RHOC Season 16 (Image via Instagram/heatherdubrow and noellarhoc)
Heather Dubrow and Noella Bergener from RHOC Season 16 (Image via Instagram/heatherdubrow and noellarhoc)

The Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) Season 16 aired a new episode on Wednesday that had the housewives go to Aspen to relax. However, things started heating up on the first night.

Heather Dubrow was dreading going on a trip with Noella Bergener from the very beginning. She seemed to appear annoyed whenever Bergener had something to say. The duo had a small disagreement while picking their rooms as both wanted the prime suite.

At the dinner table, Bergener and Gina Kirschenheiter had a verbal spat when the former said that a fellow housewife said mean things. Upon hearing this this, Dubrow jumped in and pointed out that Bergener was the one with mean remarks, and then Dubrow elaborated on how Bergener accused her of slamming people against the wall.

The incident she was referring to took place on the first episode of RHOC Season 16 at Dubrow’s party. While the millionaire housewife tried to clear the air that no such thing happened, Bergener continued to press her point and even dragged Emily Simpson into the conversation.

Dubrow left the table in the middle of the argument and kept calling Bergener a “liar.” Viewers were quite unhappy with how Dubrow treated Bergener and the entire situation.

What do RHOC fans have to say?

RHOC fans called Heather Dubrow a “gaslighter” and “annoying.” They didn’t appreciate Dubrow blaming Bergener for lying and calling out her karma. She told Bergener that the latter was in such a position (divorced and recently lost her father) because of her karma.

Netizens slammed Dubrow online and praised Bergener for standing up to her. Here’s what they had to say:

What happened in Aspen?

The housewives went to Aspen to relax, but the high altitude didn’t cool them down. They fought on the first day after Dubrow brought up an old conversation between her and Bergener. Dubrow attempted to defend herself, but Bergener stood her ground.

Kirschenheiter and Bergener also had a spat, and Simpson and Bergener's friendship also seemed to take a hit. It looked like all the ladies started ganging up on Shannon Beador first and then moved on to Bergener.

Dubrow was also seen obsessed with Beador not being a good friend to her. She kept on questioning the latter’s friendship because Beador didn’t ask about Dubrow’s podcast and her day in New York with Kirschenheiter. In response, Beador said that she just called to say “hi,” and she didn’t know Dubrow’s itinerary. She also called out Simpson for stirring things between Kirschenheiter and Beador.

Overall, RHOC Season 16 Episode 15 was intense and dramatic as a lot of things were said and done among the housewives. The upcoming episode will continue the drama in Aspen. Viewers can watch it next Wednesday on Bravo at 9.00 pm ET.

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