Hellen Wendy GoFundMe raises more than $2,000 after Kenyan nurse drowns in swimming pool during Facebook livestream 

Canadian-resident drowns during Facebook livestream (Image via Hellen Wendy/Facebook and GoFundMe)
Canadian-resident drowns during Facebook livestream (Image via Hellen Wendy/Facebook and GoFundMe)

On Thursday, Canada resident Hellen Wendy drowned in a swimming pool while filming a live stream of herself on Facebook. In the Facebook live, prior to the mishap, Wendy showed off her diving skills to her followers.

However, as she continued to swim toward the end of the pool, she eventually went silent. Much later, It was discovered that she had drowned. A GoFundMe has since been raising money for her burial arrangements.

According to Facebook, Wendy was a nurse living in Toronto, Ontario. The Kenyan native mainly spoke in Swahili during the livestream. In the second minute of the Facebook video, she could be heard saying:

“It’s two o’clock here. Just left work, I’m good. Just having fun.”

Hellen Wendy was seen diving into the pool when the live stream was at 5.45 minutes. She continued to take dives while holding her breath and occasionally returned to her phone to read the comments posted under her livestream.

The nurse was last seen in her usual self at 9:59 minutes, when she ventured off into the pool's far end.

At 10:36 minutes, Wendy could be seen battling the water, however, viewers did not suspect that she was struggling. Her phone continued to record the shocking moment. At 11:54, no sound was heard from Wendy.


The livestream continued for approximately three hours and 14 minutes before a man appeared in the video. Two minutes later, another man showed up saying,

"I thought it's a poodle or something."

Someone was also heard saying,

"What if it's actually someone dead?"

The two men eventually called emergency services to remove Hellen Wendy's unresponsive body from the pool.

Hellen Wendy's sister started the GoFundMe campaign

Two days ago, Enock Nyabuto and Bruce Birundu created a fundraising campaign. The former, Wendy's younger sister, described the victim's character on the GoFundMe page. She wrote:

“Hellen Wendy was full of life. With a warm smile and a charming heart. Everyone who met Wendy had their spirits lifted. She was passionate about her work and she touched many hearts.”

The fundraiser also announced they sought donations "to repatriate her body to Nairobi, Kenya." The cost of the same would come up to approximately $50,000.

GoFundMe raises money to repatriate Wendy's body (Image via GoFundMe)
GoFundMe raises money to repatriate Wendy's body (Image via GoFundMe)

At the time of writing this article, the highest donation of $200 was made by Ultimate movers Ilc.

Hellen Wendy's father pleads with the public to help transport daughter's body back to Nairobi

On August 21, John Nyabuto was interviewed by Citizen TV. The father described Wendy as a hardworking daughter who did her best to ensure her siblings got the best education. He added:

“She flew to Canada and arrived safely. She went there with the aim of advancing her studies. She worked at a hospital in Canada as she had told me earlier. I was so happy because God had answered my prayer but now she has left us and I do not know who will help me.”

Wendy's mother stated that she had not seen her daughter in person in five years. She also said:

“I have lost my daughter who loved me so much. It is now about four or five years we have not seen each other but we talked on phone all the time.”

Those who would like to contribute to the fundraiser can search for "Funeral and burial arrangements for Hellen Wendy" via GoFundMe.

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