What did Victoria Tristan do? Texas mom charged after child fatally drowns in bathtub

Victoria Tristan was charged 5 months after the death of her child (image via William County Jail)
Victoria Tristan was charged 5 months after the death of her child (image via William County Jail)

On June 22, 2022, 21-year-old Texas mother Victoria Tristan was arrested and charged with causing injury to a child, a first-degree felony, after her infant drowned in the bathtub.

According to People News, on January 18 Victoria Tristan allegedly left her child unattended in the bathtub of their Round Rock apartment, leading to their death. The affidavit accuses Tristan of falling asleep while texting when the child drowned.

As per the Daily Beast, Tristan allegedly let the water run while her baby was in the bathtub. She is reported to have then texted relatives before falling asleep, leaving the child to drown. Reports claim that she was asleep for at least 10 minutes before she discovered the child unconscious underwater. She told authorities that she attempted CPR, but this was to no avail.

The investigation into Victoria Tristan

According to an initial autopsy report by the Travis County Medical Examiner, the infant's death was ruled an accident. However, the case was reviewed by authorities, leading to the arrest of Victoria Tristan 5 months after her child's death.

People News reported that police suspicions arose when investigators reviewed Tristan's cell phone data and internet history. She allegedly texted for 5 minutes while her toddler was in the bathtub, followed by about 8-10 minutes of inactivity.

The Daily Beast reported that Victoria Tristan had searched YouTube for 4 minutes before calling 911, apparently in order to search up how to save her infant, who had by then been discovered submerged in the overflowing bathtub.

Police said that while Victoria Tristan had no malicious intent, her alleged negligence was determined to be the primary cause of the child's death. She is under custody at the William County jail. Information concerning her attorney and plea has not yet been disclosed by authorities. She is currently being held on a bond of $300000.

Accidental infant deaths in America

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States sees roughly 3400 accidental infant deaths a year, with the primary causes being Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and accidental suffocation.

The CDC also reported that drowning deaths are also a prominent issue among infants. It stated that for children among the 1-4 age group, it is the most common cause of accidental death.

According to the organisation, the nation sees about 3960 drownings a year, with an average of 11 drowning deaths daily. In terms of non-fatal drownings, it sees roughly 8080 on an annual basis, meaning that there is an average of 22 non-fatal drownings a day.

While many drowning victims treated at the hospital survive, it can have life-changing consequences, leading to brain damage and other disabilities.

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