4 most unusual deaths in the history of mankind

A list of unusual deaths in the history of mankind (Image via Getty Images)
A list of unusual deaths in the history of mankind (Image via Getty Images)

It's strange to learn about all the possible ways that can ultimately lead to people's unusual deaths. While it may seem funny, try not to laugh too hard because Chrysippus died laughing, which landed him on this list of unusual deaths.

Death is inevitable, unless someone is immortal or has the elixir of life. Death is uncertain and natural, and comes at unexpected moments. Proceed with caution as these listed unusual deaths may cause one to change their perspective on the world.

Although not many have died in history due to uncontrollable laughter or by tripping on an undeniably long beard, these unusual deaths definitely go down in history. Not to mention, some might even find it entertaining and better than dying quietly in sleep.

Chrysippus, Hans Steininger, and other cases of unusual deaths

1) The Queen of Siam and the forbidden touch

Princess Sunandha Kumariratana of Thailand. The Young Queen Sunandha who died from drowning because the law forbade anybody to touch her by pain of death. An ancient Siamese law stated that no commoner was to touch a member of the royal family, under pain of immediate death.

According to sources, Sunanda Kumariratana, the Queen of Siam, present day Thailand, drowned in a boat crash on her way to the Bang Pa-In Royal Palace. Although several people were present at the scene of the accident, nobody dared touch her due to the Siamese law.

The law stated that it was an offense to touch the Queen and was punishable by death. However, contrary to the statements of witnesses, the King's diary records stated that the boatmen jumped into the water, pulling out the Queen and her daughter from the tangled curtains. Unfortunately, they were unable to revive them.

2) Hans Steininger and his long beard

In 1567, Hans Steininger, the man said to have the longest beard in the world, died after he tripped on his beard and broke his neck.

The small village of Braunau am Inn in Austria is best known as Hitler's hometown. However, people prefer to remember it as the place where Hans Steininger took his last breath. He was the mayor of the town and was most famous for having the longest beard.

In 1567, a fire broke out in the town, and Hans found himself amidst the chaos as the mayor. It is believed that he stumbled on his own beard and tripped down a flight of stairs, breaking his neck in the process. Following his death, the people of the town had a statue built in memory of their brave mayor.

3) Greek Philosopher Chrysippus and the donkey

Since you seem to enjoy unusual historical anecdotes, here's a new one!Don't be fooled by this severe face!According to the legend, Chrysippus of Soli died by laughing! 👇

As unbelievable as it may seem, there is a possibility of death from laughter due to cardiac arrest or a loss of consciousness. One peculiar case of death reported was of the Greek philosopher Chrysippus of Soli. Well renowned for his work in Stoicism, he died at the age of 73.

During the 143 Olympiad, Chrysippus supposedly spotted a donkey eating figs and burst into laughter before coming crashing down to the ground. It was documented that when he fell to the ground, he was shaking uncontrollably with froth coming out of his mouth. While some believe his cause of death to be excessive drinking of undiluted wine, the case remains one of the most unusual deaths in history.

4) Abigail Taylor and the swimming pool tragedy


Abigail Taylor, a 6-year-old girl from Edina, Minnesota, died in a tragic swimming pool accident that prompted the passage of new federal laws to make pools more secure. The tragedy occurred in 2007 and after nine months of struggle, Abigal passed on in 2008.

The incident occurred in St. Louis Park at the Minneapolis Golf Club while she was sitting on the pool drain by accident. The strong vacuum pulled out a section of her lower body organs. Although her intestines and pancreas were replaced, she later died of a rare procedure malignancy.

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