Heroic fitness coach Daniil Gagarin dies tragically after being swept away at sea in shocking video

Two fitness enthusiasts tragically died in the Mediterranean Sea (Image via East2West and gagarinaart95/Instagram)
Two fitness enthusiasts tragically died in the Mediterranean Sea (Image via East2West and gagarinaart95/Instagram)

Warning: This copy contains sensitive images and clips.

Unfortunately, Russian fitness coach Daniil Gagarin passed away in the Mediterranean waters as he attempted to save his friend and fellow instructor, Emma Monkkonen. The two were shockingly swept out to sea.

Gagarin’s wife, Darya Gargina, 24, was meant to capture the fitness instructors’ cliff-diving adventure but instead ended up grabbing their final moments.

The horrifying clip circulated throughout social media in Russia, and Daniil Gagarin’s family has since been scrambling to receive permission from airport authorities to travel to Spain for his cremation.

Daniil Gagarin and Emma Monkkonen’s final moments circulate online

In the tragic video of the two trapped by the monstrous Mediterranean waves, Emma can be seen attempting to dive into the rough waters below her. As she found herself in the sea, the 24-year-old tried to climb onto a rock, which proved to be difficult.

In the clip recorded by Gargina, she can be seen swearing endlessly as her husband decided to rescue Emma from the treacherous waters. He is seen diving into the ocean and making his way to her.

The 30-year-old somehow managed to save himself and Emma by propelling them onto a rock as waves crash around them. Gargina can also be heard saying:

“Danila, I’m coming! Hold onto her!”

As Daniil Gagarin’s wife decided to save the two, the waves rose, and Darya Gargina can be heard screaming in Russian:

“A huge wave is coming... F**k! Hold her!”

The waves, unfortunately, swept Daniil and Emma away from view as his wife cried in distress. A search-and-rescue team later recovered their bodies.

Moscow resident Daniil Gagarin and his wife moved to Spain three years ago to work as fitness trainers in the city of Torrevieja.

His fellow trainer Emma Monkkonen taught yoga and aquagym to senior fitness enthusiasts, among others, in her own company called “Granny Exercise.” The Finn moved from Helsinki to Alicante, Spain, according to her social media profiles.

Daniil Gagarin’s friend Artyom told Russian news tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda:

“Danya jumped from that cliff every summer like a man possessed. He took the risk, but he liked that adrenaline.”

Daniil Gagarin’s mother, Elena Gagarin, said in an interview:

“Danila was a man of the sea.”

She added that the family is attempting to secure emergency visas for her son’s burial in Spain, planned to be on September 30. She mentioned that some of the ashes would be scattered in the sea while the rest would be split amongst the Gagarin family, who would take it back to Russia.

Edited by Ravi Iyer