How did Dieter Brummer die? All about the "Home and Away" star as he passes away at 45 

Dieter Brummer. (Image via: AAP/ Tracey Nearmy)
Dieter Brummer. (Image via: AAP/ Tracey Nearmy)

Dieter Brummer, the former star of the popular Australian TV series “Home And Away” and “Neighbours,” has passed away at 45 years old. The actor’s body was found at his Sydney home on Saturday (July 26th).

As of yet, no cause of death has been revealed. However, no foul play is suspected in Brummer’s demise. On Monday (July 26th), Dieter’s “Home and Away” co-star, Stephen Comey, released a statement on behalf of Brummer’s family.

The statement read:

“We lost our handsome, talented, funny, complicated, and beloved Dieter. He has left a massive hole in our lives, and our world will never be the same...Our thoughts go out to all of you who knew him, loved him, or worked with him over the years...”

Who is Dieter Brummer? All about the “Winners & Losers” and “Neighbours” star


Dieter Kirk Brummer was born in Sydney, Australia, on May 5th, 1976. The Aussie star was best known for portraying Shane Parrish on “Home and Away” for four years (since 1992). Brummer was also known for playing Troy Miller on “Neighbours” from 2011 to 2012.

The actor’s breakthrough role as Shane Parrish / Alex on “Home & Away” was also his debut into acting. For his performance in “Home & Away,” Dieter Brummer received a Gold Logie nomination in 1994, followed by Silver Logie nominations in 1994 and 1995.

Brummer also won a Gold Logie and the Silver Logie (for “Most Popular Actor”) in 1995.

His hardships after “Home and Away”

Dieter Brummer in "Underbelly." (Image via: Underbelly/Real Drama/YouTube)
Dieter Brummer in "Underbelly." (Image via: Underbelly/Real Drama/YouTube)

After starring in some guest roles, Dieter Brummer played a corrupt cop in the crime drama, Underbelly. After this brief stint, Brummer struck out on finding many acting roles. This forced him to go back to being a window-washer.

In a 2009 interview with 9News, Dieter said:

“You’ve gotta do what you’ve got to do to pay the bills at the end of the day...but you always hold hope that the next big thing is just around the corner.”

The Comeback


Dieter Brummer became one of the primary cast members of the “Underbelly” after his role as Trevor Haken in the show was explored more. This was followed by Brummer’s role in “Neighbours,” where he played Troy Miller. The show ran from 2011-2012.

Dieter was next seen in “Winners & Losers,” where he played Jason Ross. The show aired in 2013-2014.

Dieter’s feud with “Home and Away” Co-star Melissa George

Dieter Brummer on "Home and Away" with Melissa George. (Image via: Seven Network)
Dieter Brummer on "Home and Away" with Melissa George. (Image via: Seven Network)

Dieter Brummer and Melissa George played on-screen lovers in “Home and Away.” However, the star had a long-running feud with her.

In a 2012 interview with NowToLove, the “Neighbours” star said:

“We may have been love interests on the show, but the chemistry was far from real!”

The “Neighbours” TV show’s Twitter profile made an obituary post for Dieter Brummer. Several of his followers and admirers also offered their condolences.

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