How to make TikTok's viral pizza toast? Everything to know about the trend 

The recipe by Hailey Bieber is the new trending recipe (Image via haileybieber/Instagram)
The recipe by Hailey Bieber is the new trending recipe (Image via haileybieber/Instagram)

Model and social media personality Hailey Bieber posted a recipe for making 'pizza toast' on her TikTok account and fans are loving it. Bieber's recipe includes ingredients like truffle oil. It has close similarities to the French dish, Focaccia bread pizza, which uses a prebaked Focaccia bread to make pizza with.

College-goers have been enjoying pizza toppings on a slice of bread for years, but the TikTok video has made the easy-to-make snack gain newfound fame amongst app users.

She posted the video with the caption, "Had to share my quick easy Pizza Toast," which has now been viewed over 6 million times and has earned over 700k likes on the app.

Here's how Hailey Bieber makes the pizza toast

The recipe is basically toasing up some bread and layering it with pizza toppings.

The model applied butter to a few slices of sourdough bread, before drizzling some truffle oil on it. She then toasted the bread slices until it turned golden.

After taking the bread off the heat, she added some burrata cheese, tomato slices (dressed in olive oil, lemon and salt), and more truffle oil. She then popped it in the oven at 375 degrees.

Once it was done baking, she added grated parmesan, warm marinara sauce, oregano and red pepper flakes before cutting and enjoying it.

The toast undoubtedly looked delectable, which made many other TikTok users try it out for themselves.

Lifestyle and beauty blogger Michael Finch (@michaelfinch) recreated the recipe on his own account and captioned it,

"@Hailey Bieber pizza toast S L A P S."

His video gained over 3 million views and 341k likes. The influencer praised the toast recipe, and in a statement given to FOX News, he said,

"I would much prefer to eat pizza toast rather than pizza itself. Pizza is so boring and the world’s been needing a fun, new way to make it."

He also added,

"If you haven’t tried pizza toast before, you have to add it to the bucket list, [you] can’t go wrong."

Brita(@britacooks), a food and recipe blogger on the app, created her rendition of the recipe, where she added kale pesto and salami on the toast. She also skipped truffle oil in her version.

The dish's versitality adds to its virality, and people can add or skip ingredients according to their preferences. So, if someone wants to recreate the dish without emptying out their pockets, they can just add, pepporoni, mozerella and marinara sauce. Truffle oil can also be replaced with some olive oil or other kind of infused-oil like garlic or rosemary. The possibilities are endless.

Most people who are trying the recipe are giving it rave reviews, and the trending hashtag has more than 109.6 million views attached to it on TikTok.

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