How much does Andrew Tate's Hustler's University cost? Student reveals lesson details in light of influencer's arrest 

What does Andrew Tate teach at his Hustler
What does Andrew Tate teach at his Hustler's University? (Image via Sportskeeda)

With Andrew Tate frequently making headlines these days, people are now talking about Hustler’s university, which claims to teach young people “how to become rich.” Costing $49.99 a month, Andrew Tate and his team of “professors” at Hustler's claim to be teaching approximately 200,000 young men.

Hustler’s University is not a typical university where students go and pursue their degrees. Rather, it is a paid program that is available on Discord. Through the courses, Tate, along with some others, reportedly teaches students how to earn money and become successful.

From copywriting to freelancing, to e-commerce and Amazon FBA, the paid courses revolve around many topics. The university's website claims:

“Our Campus is a hub for skill development, and our professors are world-class multimillionaire experts.”
Andrew Tate's Hustler University claims to make people "rich," and "successful." (Image via Hustlers University)
Andrew Tate's Hustler University claims to make people "rich," and "successful." (Image via Hustlers University)

Student of Andrew Tate’s Hustler University claims he learned "a ton," says he doesn't intend to stop taking classes

As per The New York Post, 22-year-old Blake Phillips, a retail worker who studied at Hustler's, came forward and claimed that he has "learned a ton of things" on The Real World, an extension of Hustler's University, which describes itself as follows:

"The Real World is a global community of like-minded individuals striving to acquire an abundance of wealth."

Talking about how the university is an “exclusive community,” the courses reportedly teach students how they can make money in various online fields like copywriting, e-commerce, and so on.

The New York Post reported that The Real World claims to teach students how to “build a large income at speed.”

Speaking about the freelancing course, Blake Phillips also stated:

“There’s a guy named Dylan Madden, he does the copywriting and freelancing. He’s very good at selling with words. I realized I didn’t even know what copywriting really was until Dylan Madden taught it. He showed exactly how you can do it and how to make more money than doctors if you do it right.”

Furthermore, Phillips claimed that he has already paid for two months of Real World so far and doesn’t intend to stop his classes anytime soon.

Hustler's University website explored

The website claims to teach students "how to earn 6-figure salary." (Image via Hustlers University)
The website claims to teach students "how to earn 6-figure salary." (Image via Hustlers University)

By visiting the website, one can assess that the courses train students to pick a "high-income skill," learn how to make quick profits from it, and even scale it up to a “6-figure income.”

The website lists Andrew Tate as the professor for copywriting. Others include Shuayb, who teaches E-Commerce, Dylan, who teaches Freelancing, and another professor named TJ, who is listed as the teacher for Amazon FBA. That apart, The Real World also boasts teachers for Crypto, stocks, NFT, and personal finance.

Talking about its “professors,” the website of Andrew Tate’s university claims:

“Each one of our Professors made at least $1M profit using the methods they teach in our Curriculum: their teachings come from experience, not theory. They are all hyper-motivated to provide you with constant mentoring throughout your entrepreneurship.”

Furthermore, the site also claims that each student who registers will learn how to get paid by designing logos, translating eBooks, editing videos, managing social accounts, creating websites, and so on.

The self-acclaimed “success coach” was recently arrested as part of a human trafficking investigation.

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