How much money did Unsellable Houses duo Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis require to transform old tri-level home into a modern house in 4 weeks?

Twins Leslie Devis and Lyndsay Lamb (Image via Lambandcompany)
Twins Leslie Devis and Lyndsay Lamb (Image via Lambandcompany)
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After a fantastic Season 3 premiere last week, Unsellable Houses returned with another fresh episode tonight, April 19.

The episode titled Old Friends, New Upgrades saw Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis helping their friends, Sonia and her husband, sell their old tri-level home.

The modification of the house was completed within four weeks. The entire process took the twins $80,000. The home was listed at $8,30,000, leaving a profit of $1,50,000.

Unsellable Houses follows twin sisters Lyndsay and Leslie as they travel around Snohomish County, helping people sell their unsellable homes by renovating, redecorating, or refurbishing them.

How did Unsellable Houses duo Lyndsay and Leslie help transform their friends' home with $80,000?

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On tonight's episode of Unsellable Houses, Lyndsay and Leslie transformed their friends' old tri-level home into a warm minimalist house.

After comparing the house with neighboring open homes, the twins realized that it needed to be more updated than renovated.

The 1300-square foot house, according to Lyndsay and Leslie, just needed a bit of renovation and more skylight. They felt that the kitchen needed a bit more space, and the bathroom had to be upgraded.

The twins connected the kitchen to the living room, making it look slightly bigger. The duo also added one more pantry and new wooden shelves. Additionally, the sunken living room was leveled up. After these changes, the house looked more seamless and less crowded.

"Now, I'm really jealous that someone else gets this house."#UnsellableHouses continues next Tuesday at 9|8c #OnHGTV @lamb_andco

Lyndsay and Leslie faced a financial crunch after realizing that the bathtub, worth $2000, had to be uprooted because of a plumbing issue. The bathroom also needed tile upgradation, increasing the cost to $3500.

The kitchen was then filled with porcelain tiles and blue kitchen cabinets, giving the home a minimalist style.

The twins also added a headboard to the wall in the living room, along with a white couch.

Lyndsay spent $3500 on the exterior to paint the home light blue and added new sunflowers to the flowerbed.

Sonia and her husband loved the renovated house and said:

"Oh my god, it's so pretty"

It should be noted that Lyndsay and Leslie cover the costs of every renovation project on Unsellable Houses. They only keep the profited money left after the owner's listing cost and the price of the modification.

Besides the renovation, the episode also saw Lyndsay and her husband of 20 years, Justin, hosting their vow-renewal party. It took place in the same park where they got married.

Fans can watch the next episode of Unsellable Houses on April 26 at 9:00 pm ET on HGTV. The episode will see Leslie and Lyndsay trying to convert a couple's sprawling 1970s home into a modern house.

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