How old is Ava Louise? Monty Lopez's girlfriend exposes Yung Gravy for texting her prior to latter's VMA appearance with Sheri Easterling

Sheri Easterling and Yung Gravy attended the VMAs together (Image via @montyjlopez/TikTok and @1061bli/Instagram)
Sheri Easterling and Yung Gravy attended the VMAs together (Image via montyjlopez/TikTok and 1061bli/Instagram)

Monty Lopez's 23-year-old girlfriend Ava Louise exposed Yung Gravy for texting her prior to the VMA's. Louise shared a screenshot of their conversation showing Gravy's interest in hooking up with the influencer.

Louise provided screenshots of their conversation after media personality Tommy Gabriel tweeted about the budding romance between Gravy and Monty Lopez's ex-wife Sheri Easterling.

She tweeted:

"Why was gravy trying to f**k me last week then. Monty is unbothered tho with his grandkids happy just got off the phone with him."
LEAKED TEXTS!! - #AvaLouise reveals that #yunggravy asked to hook up with her a week before the VMAs kiss with Addison's Rae's Mom. #SheriNicole #MontyLopez #addisonrae Photo Credits: @avaxlouiise / Public Domain: Twitter

She shared a second image where Gravy was having a conversation with Louise and referred to her as a "babe." She replied by sending an image of herself with Monty Lopez.

Ava Louise says Monty Lopez is unbothered about Yung Gravy and Sheri Easterling

Louise also shared a screenshot of a text she received from Monty Lopez. Lopez sent her a picture of himself and shared that he was "unbothered" by his ex-wife's new romance.

However, he has been challenging Gravy to a boxing match for quite some time. He made numerous videos taking a dig at the artist, and even called him a "fake rapper."

He also posted a video with Ava Louise where the two danced and kissed to music, with a caption that read:

"Yung Gravy come get your girl Ava Louise."

The TikTok was screen-recorded by TikTok user Iliana Dandre, who reposted the video addressing Louise as Rae's new stepmom.

Louise was quick to address the claims and said:

"This is going to be the most awkward family Thanksgiving of my life."

She captioned her video with:

"I was not prepared to be a mother at only 24 but I will do my best for my new daughter I love you already @addisonrae."

Her video received over 7.5 million views. The influencer has since then made numerous TikTok related to her relationship with Monty Lopez, addressing him as "her man."

Sheri Easterling walked the 2022 MTV VMA red carpet with Rapper Yung Gravy

Easterling arrived at the 2022 MTV VMAs red carpet with musician Yung Gravy. The couple wore coordinated outfits and kissed each other after the singer’s pre-show performance.

News of their budding romance shook the internet, with people sharing their own sentiments about their relationship. While talking about their pairing on the red carpet, Gravy said:

"We met online and we connected right away. You know, I'm from the furthest north it gets and she's from the furthest south it gets. "

Gravy had shown interest in Easterling and called her an "M**F" in a podcast prior to their appearance together at the VMAs. He added:

"I’m into M**Fs and she’s kind of the queen of M**Fs, so I figured it was just the perfect match."

He also claimed that he would be going on a date with Addison Rae's mom very "soon."

The musician shared more insight about his relationship on a Barstool Sports podcast in August 2022. He said:

"I didn’t know she was married. I am aware it would be frowned upon. I [would be] pretty mad if I was the husband. I learned afterwards."

Addison Rae is yet to comment on her parents' individual relationships. However, she seems to have unfollowed both on Instagram.

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