How old is Rebecca Zamolo? YouTuber welcomes baby daughter, Zadie Hope with husband, Matt Slays 

Rebecca Zamolo announces birth of a baby girl (Image via rebeccazamolo/Instagram)
Rebecca Zamolo announces birth of a baby girl (Image via rebeccazamolo/Instagram)
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Karishma Rao

YouTuber Rebecca Zamolo has given birth to her first baby along with her husband, Matt Slays. The two welcomed their daughter Zadie Hope Zamolo on Wednesday, February 23. The content creator shared the news on social media and uploaded a birth video on YouTube.

Being the child of a content creator, it does not come as a surprise that the just-born child has an Instagram profile under the username ‘zadiezamolo.’ The account has already amassed over 49.4k followers. The mother revealed that her newborn was born in Los Angeles and weighed 6 lbs and 11 oz. She measured 20 inches at birth.

The 39-year-old YouTuber announced in February 2021 that she had suffered a miscarriage when she was nine weeks into pregnancy. However, in August, she told her followers that she became pregnant after an arduous IVF process and her third implantation.


Rebecca Zamolo announces the birth of ‘rainbow baby’

The mother told People magazine that she and her husband have had a long journey in hopes of getting pregnant. She said:

“We finally have our rainbow baby, and we could not be happier! It has been a long journey and we are so thankful for our family, friends, fans and doctors for their love and support along the way.”

Rebecca Zamolo told the publication that a ‘rainbow baby’ is born to those who have suffered a miscarriage earlier. The phrase is inspired by the idea of a rainbow arriving after a storm.

She also expressed her desire to have a child:

“Being a mother has always been a dream for me. Zadie is our world and a dream come true.”

The new mother revealed that her baby’s name is inspired by her love for the letter Z and the name ‘Sadie.’ She added- “so combining the two just made sense.”

Who is Rebecca Zamolo?

The social media star is best known for her comedic sketches on her YouTube channel, earning over 11 million subscribers. Alongside her main channel, she also has a family channel with her husband titled- ‘Matt & Rebecca.’

Before pursuing a career online, Rebecca Zamolo was a sports broadcaster for the University of California, Santa Barbara’s college station, Gaucho News. She simultaneously earned a degree in communications and sports management. Her love for comedy came while training under the improv club The Second City.

Her husband, Matt Slays, is a lyricist, songwriter, and music producer. He graduated from Western Oregon University in 2004. He also worked in sales for Hilton Hotels for almost six years before taking the leap and becoming involved in the music industry.

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