5 over-the-top pregnancy announcements made by celebrities

Over-the-top celebrity pregnancy announcements (Image via @beyonge/Instagram, @voguemagazine/Instagram, @nikkireed/Instagram)
Over-the-top celebrity pregnancy announcements (Image via @beyonge/Instagram, @voguemagazine/Instagram, @nikkireed/Instagram)
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Online pregnancy announcements are a new thing for celebrities now. With them making announcements left and right, fans have come to expect the unexpected.

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky just made their pregnancy official via a photo series that went viral rather quickly. In it, the Umbrella singer is wearing a hot pink puffer coat and ripped jeans, with her body covered by jewelry. Draped over the baby bump, the shiny baubles made it look like a rare gem.

Meanwhile, Rocky rocked a denim jacket with leather pants and topped it off with a beanie.

The power couple have been friends for a long time and dating rumors only began circulating in 2020. Soon after that, they began to set couple goals for everyone.

Celebrities never miss the chance to go a little overboard when conveying special news. In this article, we look at five over-the-top pregnancy announcements made by celebs over the past few years.

Five extravagant celebrity pregnancy announcements

1) Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Fans have been making pregnancy speculations just by looking at the nailpaint. Indeed, they predicted Kylie Jenner's pregnancy from her uncoordinated posts on Instagram, and her nailpaint.

Later on, she went on to make it official by sharing a cute video including all her loved ones. Unlike her first pregnancy announcement, this time, she made it without a pause. It is no doubt one of the cutest videos floating on Instagram.

2) Cardi B and Offset


Cardi B and Offset took to the 2021 BET Awards stage to make their pregnancy announcement. While Migos was performing two of their all-time hits, Cardi B joined them for the second song with her baby bump popping out.

Joining her partner Offset, who is also a member of Migos, she had all the fans screaming. With diamonds dangling off her jumpsuit, she made sure her bump was clearly visible to all.

3) Beyonce and JAY-Z

Queen Bee aka Beyonce took to Instagram on February 1, 2017 to announce that she and JAY-Z were pregnant with twins. The sheer elegance of this photo made it one of the most liked pictures on the platform.

The garland in the background served to further heighten the grace of the picture. Even though it's difficult to look at anything else when Queen Bee is in the frame, the flowers add to the overall beauty of the scene.

4) Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder

Actress Nikki Reed posted a picture on Instagram announcing her pregnancy with Ian Somerhalder. With one of the most emotional captions that one could come up with, they addressed their baby with love and gratitude.

With Somerhalder's charm and Reed's grace, fans certainly wonder what their baby will look like after puberty. The pair have given us two of the most authentic vampire characters on television.

For a match that was indeed made in heaven, the picture looks like it was picked right out of a movie scene, with the sunlight falling on them further accentuating the emotional value of the moment.

5) Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom


In March 2020, the premiere of Katy Perry's music video Never Worn White was the official pregnancy announcement for her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom.

In the video, she looks angelic in an elegant white dress. However, the pregnancy wasn't revealed until the end of the video when a side view showed her bulging baby bump.

Pregnancy announcements are getting more and more creative every day. While some prefer their privacy, others have been taking the extra step to give their fans the news in the most memorable way possible.

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