How to spot a real Tory Burch bag? All about the leather quality, stitching and more

A Tory Burch bag (Image via
A Tory Burch bag (Image via

Carrying a Tory Burch bag can create a sense of confidence and pride in the user. The brand was launched in 2014 with a mission to empower women. Today the brand has online stores and boutiques worldwide. They sell clothing, outerwear, shoes, jewelry, handbags and accessories.

The luxury brand manufactures premium-grade items. Unfortunately, just like the rest of the brands, it falls prey to the counterfeit market. Since the demand that the brand creates is enormous, the greed for people to avail them at cheap prices makes it vulnerable to counterfeit market.

The brand has taken several proactive steps to take down these fake products. If you are planning to buy a Tory Burch, the best way to avoid the problem is by opting for a direct purchase from the brand, whether online or through retail stores.

Additionally, this article has also consolidated a few tips to save you from the horror of getting stuck with a counterfeit product. Here we go:

The texture of the external surface

Tory Burch guarantees original materials that vary from leather and canvas to nylon. If you are purchasing a leather bag, remember that the brand will use original leather only. They use textured, scratch-resistant leather for their most famous line, Robinson. You can identify this surface by touching the material. The leather texture should have a fine cross-hatching pattern throughout.

Around the edges, the original bag would have a clean casing. Faux leather is a red flag. Saffiano leather is another commonly used type. Real leather can be identified by its smell too. The absence of a fresh leather smell or an artificial smell indicates PVC or fake leather.

The lining that is present in the bags

Lining can vary based on the collection you have opted for. Yet, you can be assured of an authentic product if it uses nylon lining branded with the logo. Nylon is the most common one that is soft to touch.

The circular double T logos of varying sizes are printed throughout. Most often the nylon lining will be the same as the exterior color of the bag.

The 'Tory Burch' stitching

Tory Burch bags will have a uniform, evenly spaced and straight-lined stitching. The color of the lining and the rest of the handbag should also match unless it is from a collection where there is a contrast for esthetic appeal. Even in those cases, the characteristics remain the same.

Logos and stamping

Many handbags will only have a double T logo emblem on the exterior, interior or both. The Tory Burch logo is always made of pure metal. The tone and size can vary, but it would all be symmetrical.

Recent collections have the brand name in all caps. Also remember that the brand name should not have any spelling mistakes and must always be readable and clear.

Counterfeits are a major issue for the fashion industry. But Tory Burch has taken extensive steps to remove over 1,200 websites that sell counterfeit products. But of course, always remember that the manufacturing takes place over various asian countries and therefore, a “made in China'' label may not be an indicator of a fake bag.

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Edited by Abu Amjad Khan