How strong is Orochimaru's son, Mitsuki?

How strong is Orochimaru's son, Mitsuki? (Image via Twitter/ @leafsxprodigy)
How strong is Orochimaru's son, Mitsuki? (Image via Twitter/ @leafsxprodigy)

Mitsuki is one of the most compelling characters in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations and is loved by the fanbase. The Boruto fan base has always wondered and discussed the strength of Mitsuki.

Orochimaru had put all of his research into genetically modifying Mitsuki. He is considered genetically perfect, and Orochimaru infused the First Hokage, Hashirama Senju’s cells within him. Among the characters present in Boruto, he is one of the strongest and has displayed his strength frequently.

How strong is Mitsuki in the Boruto Universe

Mitsuki is Orochimaru’s son, who his father genetically modified. Part of Team 7, Mitsuki is just as strong as his peers, Boruto and Sarada. Mitsuki is a natural when it comes to combat. His fighting style is exceptionally fluid, much like his father’s. During his graduation, he managed to beat Shino Aburame, earning his spot in the Chunin final exam.

Mitsuki’s chakra levels are pretty high for a boy of that age. He can enter Sage Mode, something very few people in the Naruto and Boruto universe can brag about. Naruto, too managed to master Toad Sage Mode but was older in comparison to Mitsuki.

Mitsuki is extremely well versed in taijutsu owing to his blistering speed, agility, and flexibility. Mitsuki also possesses infrared detection and can hear sounds, which are lower than what humans can perceive.

His Soft Physique Modification technique allows him to stretch out his limbs and execute chokes and holds. He is highly stealthy and can conceal objects that might come in handy during combat. His massive chakra reserve and genetic modification allow him to summon snakes.

He can perform jutsus like the Hidden Snake Hands technique and Snake Clone Technique. He can use his snakes in tracking enemies or comrades by exposing the snake to the person’s scent.

He is an exceptional Shinobi capable of using the Wind and Lightning release. Mitsuki has the ability to use Sage Transformation. He gains a unique Cyan chakra aura which has ethereal snakes that help him with ranged attacks.

This, paired with the ability to enter into Sage Mode, can make him dangerously strong. But, his father has asked him to avoid doing so since his body cannot withstand it due to the breakdown of cells.

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