How to use Midjourney? AI image generator goes viral on social media

AI artworks created with Midjourney. (Image via Midjourney/ Mark Hachman, Benj Edwards)
AI artworks created with Midjourney. (image via Midjourney/Mark Hachman, Benj Edwards)

After Lensa, it’s Midjourney that’s been trending among users across social media for its AI-generated edits. This AI editing website allows users to create images with greater details and in-depth designs compared to other AI apps of the same kind. The site creates images based on textual descriptions. If one is acquainted with OpenAI’s DALL-E or the open-source Stable Diffusion, they will find Midjourney useful as well.

In March, the service was launched as part of an AI image synthesis model and quickly gained popularity for its distinct style. People who used Midjourney to create artwork even won art contests. Midjourney’s lab has since refined its model and added greater details and new features. Its current default model is v3, which debuted in August.

The service has recently been testing out its latest version, v4 on its Discord server. There, individuals are creating images using the Midjourney bot. David Holz, the founder of Midjourney, shared an announcement on Discord:

"V4 is an entirely new codebase and totally new AI architecture. It's our first model trained on a new Midjourney AI supercluster and has been in the works for over 9 months."

The v4 model of Midjouney is claimed to provide far greater detail than the previous version, v3. It also comprehends the prompts better and has better scene compositions. The subjects are also perceived in better proportionality in this version. If a user is editing a photo to get a photorealistic image, it can be very difficult to differentiate it from an actual photo if viewed at a lower resolution.

Midjourney’s new version has received positive responses on Discord. The developers of this independent research lab said that v4 is still in its infancy. So, they will continue to refine the features and fix quirks of their AI tool over time. The company revealed they plan to increase image sharpness as well as the quality and resolution of v4’s upscaled images. They will also be reducing text artifacts and adding custom aspect ratios.

The site is still small and self-funded. However, it attempts to explore new mediums of ideas that encourage everyone to expand their imaginative power. The developers are currently running the software entirely through Discord.

Steps to use Midjourney

To use Midjourney, one needs to have a Discord account since the app only runs on Discord. One can sign up on Discord for free.

Step 1: Once you sign up, visit

Step 2: Click on “Join the Beta.” You will be directed to a Discord invite. If you don’t have an existing account, you can create a new one. Start by entering a username. Then enter your birth date, month, and year. Choose an email id and a password to proceed further. Once you’ve verified your email and created your account, you can use the Midjourney website.


Step 3: Go back to the AI’s website and click on the “sign in with Discord” option and you will be directed to their page.

In its list of channels, find the Newcomer rooms. Usually, there will be several rooms for newcomers such as newcomer rooms 3, newcomer rooms 4, and more. You can click on any one of these to start creating.

Step 4: Describe the image you want the bot to create in the text box and send the text. It will take a few seconds to produce the images. The more detailed description you provide, the easier it will be for the AI to produce the desired results.

You will probably be asked to accept the terms and conditions of their service before you begin.

Only specific prompt options are available in the free trial, where you can create up to 25 images. If you wish to create more, you will have to opt for their membership service.

Step 5: Once the images are generated, you can choose to upscale the image by pressing the ‘U’ button. It will produce a more defined and larger version of the image. The ‘V’ button in the prompts is for creating an entirely new image based on the current one.

Step 6: Once, you’ve got your results and you’re satisfied with them, you can send the image to yourself directly by tapping on the envelope emoji, then add it to your chat. It will allow you to save and download the images.

The paid programs offered by the AI service can be of two types. One is the basic membership which comes at $10 per month. The other is a standard membership at $30 per month. With the basic offer, one can create 200 images every month, while the standard membership lets one generate unlimited images.

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Edited by Adelle Fernandes