I don't care for your apologies": Charli D'Amelio and Zoe Laverne's past explored as former admits to never wanting to be friends with her 

Zoe Laverne claims in new audio that D'Amelio wasn't very nice to her after she apologized. (Image via @charlidamelio/Instagram)
Zoe Laverne claims in new audio that D'Amelio wasn't very nice to her after she apologized. (Image via @charlidamelio/Instagram)
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TikTokers Charli D’Amelio and Zoe Laverne have been at the center of a long-running feud. While it looked like both the celebrities had, supposedly, moved on from the phase where leaked audios and enmity over TikTok followers, consumed the gossip mill, there are certainly unresolved issues between the two.

Laverne, in an audio posted by @tiktokinsiders on Instagram, revealed that she has apologized to Charli D’Amelio multiple times. While the latter left her on “seen,” not acknowledging her apologies, she did reply once and per Laverne, “wasn’t very nice.”

Laverne also said that D’Amelio made her cry. The DMs that have been shared on social media show D’Amelio chiding Laverne for her actions and explaining to her why she doesn't care for her apologies. But what led to this exchange of texts? Let’s take a look.

Tracing Charli D’Amelio and Zoe Laverne’s feud


Well, it began in July 2020, when a leaked video showed Laverne crying about D’Amelio’s bigger following on the content sharing app. In the video, Laverne was seen sobbing and saying she wanted to prove to D'Amelio that she was the “star of TikTok.” D’Amelio never responded to the video in public.

But that was not the end. Just a few months later, in November 2020, another audio had Laverne talking down on her fellow TikToker in a nasty manner, calling her names and openly expressing her dislike for her.


"I’m not gonna sit in there, and act like I like Charli D’Amelio, okay?" Laverne was heard saying on the audio. But this time, D’Amelio responded. She tagged Laverne on Instagram in a post that featured that leaked audio saying, "@zoexlaverne this you?"

This prompted an apology from Laverne. While she did not reply to the comment directly, she apologized for her words to her contemporary. She said:

"It's not that deep. I reached out to Charli and apologized to her. I sent her multiple paragraphs after paragraphs apologizing to her, and telling her that I’m sorry and that I didn’t mean what I said. I was just mad. I was left on seen. It wasn't right what I said. I mean that and I'm sorry."

Amidst the beef, Laverne also had other controversies to deal with, but 2021 changed her perspective. In an October 2021 interview with Insider, she said that people’s assumption that she doesn’t like Charli D’Amelio is not true. She stated:

"Honestly, I think it's great that TikTok is giving all us females a platform where we can have a voice and encourage other young people to chase their dreams and not be afraid to be their true selves.”

Looking back at her spat with Charli D’Amelio, Laverne seemed to have moved on. The new audio, however, has once again brought to fore the issues that still linger between the two TikTok stars. It remains to be seen if D’Amelio responds to Laverne's new audio, so stay tuned.

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