"I would like her to know how deeply sorry I am": Gus Johnson controversy rages on, as YouTuber's apology leaves internet divided

Gus Johnson issues a public apology to Abelina Sabrina (Image via Instagram/ johnsongus and abelinasabrina)
Gus Johnson issues a public apology to Abelina Sabrina (Image via Instagram/ johnsongus and abelinasabrina)

YouTuber-comedian Gus Johnson publicly apologized on Twitter to his former girlfriend, Abelina Sabrina, for being an unsupportive and mentally abusive partner during Sabrina's pregnancy.

Four days ago, Sabrina shared her life-threatening experience of undergoing surgery after dealing with an ectopic pregnancy. The 27-year-old did not disclose her partner's name, but fans assumed Johnson gave their public relationship.


Sabrina shared details of her harrowing medical experience on October 22 and said that her partner was mentally abusive, negligent, and gaslighting her during a traumatic phase in her life. She did not share the timeline of her pregnancy.

Sabrina also shared the unfortunate news of losing her baby and rupturing her left fallopian tube, leading to severe internal bleeding. Once she went public with her story, followers of Johnson awaited a response.

Gus Johnson's apology fell flat

Johnson apologized for his behavior and claimed to have “recognized shortcomings.” The typed apology read:

“I am aware of the recent video that calls out some actions that I’m not proud of and I want to apologize… We were young and not remotely prepared to deal with all the realities of a long lasting and traumatic medical situation.”

The 26-year-old comedian shared that he had been to therapy with Sabrina, where he came to understand his wrong-doings.

Adding to his apology, Johnson said:

“I fully realize what I did wrong, and wish I could change how I responded and acted during that time.”

At the end of his statement, Johnson added that he would be stepping away from the Gus and Eddy podcast, which he co-hosts with close friend Eddy Burback. He also announced that the upcoming live shows will be canceled “with full refunds issued.” He added that:

“I will also be taking some time off from posting and working for a while.”

When Gus Johnson issued his apology on Twitter, Sabrina did not sympathize with her ex-boyfriend. She responded to his statement by saying:

“I won’t accept a misleading apology with lies in it. I don’t forgive you.”
I won’t accept a misleading apology with lies in it.I don’t forgive you.

Twitter wasn't pleased

The vast majority of the internet continued to support Sabrina and showed deep displeasure towards Johnson's behavior.

I thought Gus Johnson was trending for funny reasons
sees gus johnson trending, "oh, he must have made a new video that was good or something." sees why he was trending
gus johnson is more sensitive about weed than his own girlfriend 🧍
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Man i liked gus johnson what a disappointment
Gus Johnson saying "I have changed for the better since then" when he literally hasn't
honestly shocked that people are surprised about the Gus Johnson history is a great teacher and it has always teach us that people that use mustaches unironically aren't trust worthy
No tell me how I was just watching Gus Johnson the other day thinking “I’m so glad he isn’t a terrible human”
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For this reason, the couple likely decided to part ways. It remains to be seen what impact Johnson's career will have, given the problematic nature of the allegations.

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