“I’m finally Korean”: British influencer Oli London labeled “racist” after undergoing surgery to identify as Korean

British influencer Oli London was slammed by netizens surgery to identify as Korean (Image via Getty Images)
British influencer Oli London was slammed by netizens yet again (Image via Getty Images)

British influencer Oli London has been under fire since last week after coming out as a “non-binary Korean.” Although the Instagram star received support for coming out as non-binary, people called them out for identifying as Korean.

Oli London has always made the news for undergoing back-to-back surgeries to appear identical to his idol, Park Jimin, from BTS. The social media influencer reportedly underwent 18 surgeries in the past eight years to change their ethnicity.

However, their actions have been considered to be “racially inappropriate” by the online community. On June 17th, Oli London took to Twitter to share that they identify as Korean after their final transition surgery, causing massive social media outrage.

Despite the backlash, the “Plastic is Fantastic” singer maintained their identity as a Korean. They went on to release a public statement about their identity:

“Yes, I identify as Korean. Yes, I am non-binary. Yes, I look like Jimin. But none of this should be a reason to outcast me from the society, to dehumanize me and shame me for being who I am, a non-binary Korean person.”

Further criticism ensued after Oli London revealed their post-surgery look. Critics continue to point out that although people can identify as non-binary, they cannot change their nationality.

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Twitter calls out Oli London for identifying as Korean after surgery

The YouTuber previously shared that they have been trapped in a “wrong body and wrong culture” throughout their life. They mentioned that they have “new hair, teeth, eyes and forehead after the final transitional surgery.”

Oli London also posted a video titled “Being Korean” on their YouTube channel. In the clip, the content creator revealed that they have undergone “a facelift, a brow lift, a temple lift, an eye surgery, a canthoplasty, and teeth surgeries” as a part of their transition.


They then took to Twitter to ask if they now appear similar to Jimin, earning backlash once again. Several users slammed Oli London for alleged “cultural appropriation” and termed them as “racist.”

During an appearance on the American talk show “Dr. Phil,” Oli London shared that they have spent $150,000 for their facial surgeries. Following the latest surgery, they once again decided to get their lips “2x bigger to look like Jimin.”

Even after the sharp criticism, they argued that “being transexual is the same as being transracial.” The statement did not sit well with the internet either.

As people consistently express their lack of approval online, Oli London continues to identify as Korean. They also took to social media to request the inclusion of transracial within the LGBTQI+ spectrum.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer
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