"Some people identify as Korean": Instagram influencer Oli London receives severe backlash for identifying as 'non-binary Korean'

Instagram influencer Oli London (image via Getty Images)
Instagram influencer Oli London (image via Getty Images)

Social media influencer Oli London has landed in hot waters after coming out as a 'non-binary Korean.' People supported the Instagram star for coming out as non-binary.

Oli London took to Twitter to share that they feel good to come out as a β€œKorean non-binary person.” They also mentioned that they have been β€œtrapped in the wrong body and wrong culture” throughout their life.

However, fans were quick to point out that while one can identify as non-binary, they cannot identify as a different culture. Despite the lack of approval, Oli included nationality as part of their official coming out, causing massive outrage.

The British influencer has consistently been under fire for undergoing several cosmetic surgeries to change appearance from British to Korean.

Oli London has previously made news for their obsession with K-pop and being a super fan of Korean boyband BTS. They also started making music and became the highest charted European K-Pop artist. Oli is also known for their appearance in the popular American talk show β€œDr. Phil.”


During the episode, the YouTuber revealed they have undergone a transformation to appear identical to their K-pop idol Park Jimin. In the same show, they revealed spending nearly $150,000 for the extensive surgeries.

Oli London recently announced that the latest surgery is part of their final transition. In addition to the public identification as Korean, the TikToker was also called out for alleged "cultural appropriation."

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Oli London slammed online for coming out as 'non-binary Korean'

As part of their outing, Oli London shared an image of a Pride flag blended within the Korean flag. The influencer wrote:

β€œThis is my new official flag for being a non-binary person who identifies as Korean.”

However, the announcement took Twitter by storm as people slammed the creator for including a nationality as part of their identification. Though netizens called out London for their appropriation of the Korean flag, they were supportive of the non-binary identification.

Oli London refuted the outrage by mentioning that they have only posted the β€œofficial LGBTQI+ flag of South Korea” as a part of their coming out. Through a series of tweets they went on to identify as Korean.

People were left even more disappointed after Oli announced that their neo-pronouns are β€œKOR/EAN + JI/MIN.” The majority pointed out that they not only disrespected Asians but also the whole LGBTQ+ community through their actions.

Despite the sharp criticism, Oli London continued to maintain their stance. On June 21st, they also posted a video on their YouTube channel and stated, β€œI do identify as Korean. This is my choice, my decision.”

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