"I have never experienced such hate before": Jake Paul's alleged victim Justine Paradise reveals she has been receiving death threats

Justine Paradise has released a follow-up video to her initial video on Jake Paul
Justine Paradise has released a follow-up video to her initial video on Jake Paul
Modified 03 May 2021

TikToker Justine Paradise recently revealed that she has been receiving death threats ever since she accused Jake Paul of sexually assaulting her.

On April 9th, 2021, the online star sent shockwaves throughout the industry after releasing a 21-minute video calling out the YouTuber turned professional boxer.

In the clip, Paradise recounted her alleged assault at the hands of Jake Paul at his home in Calabasas, and she also accused him of forcing himself upon her without consent.

Jake Paul was quick to deny the allegations above, which he labeled "100% false". He took to Twitter to issue an official statement, where he simply referred to the accusations as "manufactured" and a "blatant attempt for attention."

But his statement did little to placate rising dissent online, as outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post soon pursued the story.

With the scandal still raging online, Justine Paradise recently came forward to share shocking details of the aftermath of her initial YouTube video on Jake Paul.

In an attempt to highlight the incessant hate she has been receiving lately, Justine Paradise released a follow-up video on YouTube. She revealed that some of Jake Paul's supporters have since been sending her vicious death threats.

Justine Paradise receives support online as she reveals "disgusting" hate from Jake Paul supporters

In her latest video, Justine attempted to inform viewers about how she has been holding up in the aftermath of breaking the news of her alleged assault at the hands of Jake Paul.

Considering Paul's social influence, she revealed that she inadvertently ended up exposing herself to the internet's toxic side, with a slew of supporters allegedly sending her death threats:

"Having to hear and see the person denying everything sucks so much. I started sobbing immediately after watching that. It's just people being rude and triggering on purpose. People who are happy with themselves would not be giving me the threats, so when people are asking these triggering questions and saying all this disgusting stuff, I just have to remember that they have issues too because if they didn't, they wouldn't be saying this stuff to me you know."

From revealing the emotional strain of it all to shedding light on how she has been subject to a torrent of hate and abuse from supporters of Jake Paul, Justine provided a candid account of the toll her experience has taken upon her:

"It's so easy to see through the people defending Jake. I had to work up so much courage even to post that first video. Emotionally this has taken so much out of me. I'm getting so many threats in my DMs, not just from random people but from people in Los Angeles telling me that they are here, so I need to watch my back. People saying that they will fight me if they see me, saying that I need to kill myself. That's super overwhelming for me because I have never experienced such hate before. The hate is insane. It's so strange to watch so many people judge even the tiniest things I say. The situation itself is crazy because of so many people hating on me. It's so disgusting."

The Tiktoker also revealed that all she intended to do by posting the video in the first place was to protect others and to spread awareness against Jake Paul's alleged misdemeanors.

Her follow-up video soon invited support from the online community, who praised her for being resilient in the face of hate.

Image via JustineParadise/YouTube
Image via JustineParadise/YouTube
Image via JustineParadise/YouTube
Image via JustineParadise/YouTube

Despite being forced to climb onboard a ceaseless hate train, Justine Paradise continues to hold her ground in the aftermath of a fiery scandal that seems to be showing no signs of abating.

Published 03 May 2021
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