"I rate this apology absolute dogs*t, zero": PewDiePie says Travis Scott apology video is the worst he's ever seen

PewDiePie criticized Travis Scott for his conduct at the recent Houston music festival. (Image via PewDiePie, Travis Scott)
PewDiePie criticized Travis Scott for his conduct at the recent Houston music festival. (Image via PewDiePie, Travis Scott)
Rishabh B.

Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg recently reacted to Travis Scott’s apology after his Astroworld concert where eight people died.

Travis Scott held a music event on November 5th in Houston, Texas. During the festival, a crowd rushed to the stage, resulting in a stampede, causing multiple injuries and eight deaths.

Travis Scott posted an apology video on Instagram in the wake of the tragedy, claiming he was 'completely devastated' by the news. PewDiePie criticized the musician and claimed that he and the concert organizers who failed to control the crowd were at fault.


PewDiePie criticizes Travis Scott for his conduct during Houston music festival

PewDiePie posted a YouTube video speaking about the recent controversy. The YouTuber claimed it was highly negligent of Travis Scott not to react even after things got out of hand during the concert.

The more I look into it, the more insane it actually is. It’s normal that things get out of control at concerts, but what isn’t normal is that no one did anything about it. It blows my mind! I have been on stages before. You see the crowd. That’s all you look out for. I don’t understand how you can defend him not seeing anything, there is no excuse.


Hence, while the YouTuber blamed the concert organizers for failing to control the crowd, he criticized Travis Scott for not reacting once as the crowd got out of hand. He went on to watch Scott’s apology video and claimed that it was the worst that he had ever seen.

So then Travis Scott issued an apology. And it’s probably the worst apology that I’ve seen in a very very very long time

Scott could be seen claiming he was devastated after the incident and could be seen crying in the video. PewDiePie thought that he was only pretending to cry.

He’s doing this weird thing that kids do when they apologize because they don’t really know how to fake cry so they just start rubbing their face. I’ve definitely seen kids do this. It’s so bizarre. And it’s a little late for thoughts and prayers. Travis takes absolutely zero responsibility in this apology.
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It’s clear that PewDiePie thought the tragedy could have been avoided if Travis Scott had reacted promptly.

I rate this apology absolute dogs**t zero out of 10. Yeah, I don’t think he realized how bad it was. But he definitely saw people being injured. So it doesn’t matter. If fans mean the world to him then why didn’t he just stop the show when they asked?
Following 10 deaths and more than 300 injuries at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival, the release of the rapper's latest Nike collaboration has been delayed.

Since the incident, Travis Scott has been hit with over 100 lawsuits by families of people who died and were injured during the music festival.

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