"I am single and I am dating": 'Winter House' star Austen Kroll addresses love triangle

'Winter House' cast: Ciara Miller, Austen Kroll, Lindsay Hubbard (Image via Sportskeeda)
'Winter House' cast: Ciara Miller, Austen Kroll, Lindsay Hubbard (Image via Sportskeeda)

Winter House Season 1 kickstarted on Wednesday on Bravo, and the first episode has already attracted a lot of attention. The spin-off of Summer House stars many housemates from the original series and also from the network’s Southern Charm.

Austen Kroll is one such Winter House housemate whose love triangle has started making rounds, even before something about the situation has aired on the channel.

According to reports, the Southern Charm star developed a romantic bond with Summer House cast member Ciara Miller on the new show. Later, his name was also associated with another housemate and Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard.

Exploring Austen's relationship with Ciara as Lindsay's confession of love leaves him astonished

Kroll recently addressed the love triangle involving himself, Ciara Miller and Lindsay Hubbard in Winter House. In a recent interview, he explained that he went to Vermont to have fun with other show’s stars.

Speaking about his connection with Miller, he said:

"Ciara and I did kind of—not immediately—but pretty quickly hit it off. I was just attracted to her of course and just her sense of humor I guess, we really clicked on that. The fact that I could make her laugh on command is key.”

But things got complicated when Hubbard entered the house and confessed that she was in love with Kroll.

In the reality series, Hubbard’s confession apparently shocked Kroll. The two were close friends, and Hubbard dropping a bomb like this on him was unexpected.

Speaking about his current relationship status, Kroll admitted:

“I am single and I am dating.”

Whether he will continue dating Miller after the show, viewers can guess that once they watch all the episodes.

Before entering Winter House, Kroll was reportedly dating Madison LeCroy. While he may not have talked about her on the show, the trailer showcased him texting his ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, viewers will soon witness Kroll and Miller’s steamy scenes on Winter House. Talking about the two, housemate Paige Desorbo said:

“I will say in Vermont, he and Ciara — I mean, from the jump of them meeting each other, they both had, like, googly eyes for each other.”

Another housemate, Amanda Batula, had an interesting take on Kroll’s love triangle situation. She told US Weekly:

“It’s like Survivor. [It’s] sticking everyone in a house and everyone has to team up, and naturally, people are going to fight for the same partner.”

'Winter House' Season 1 first impressions on Twitter

The first season premiered on October 20 and fans just loved it. Praising the reality show, the Twitterati said:

Winter House is already so good and Lindsay hasn’t even showed up yet. This is going to be a good season, I can feel it #WinterHouse
the utter joy i have seeing this winter house crew on my tv is undeniable. i’m just sitting here with a smile on my face #WinterHouse @BravoTV
Winter House is giving very much Floribama Shore #WinterHouse
Wow if you’re a bravoholic I strongly recommend winter house, craig and Austin’s fight about oral and cheese was magic #WinterHouse

In addition to the aforementioned housemates, the other Winter House cast members are Kyle Cooke, Craig Conover, Gabrielle Kniery, Jason Cameron, Julia McGuire, Andrea Denver and Luke Gulbranson.

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