"I was slightly in despair": Dominic West opens up on playing Prince Charles in The Crown season 5

Dominic West in Netflix's The Crown (Photo by Keith Bernstein/Netflix/via IMDb)

Actor Dominic West, who portrays the role of then-Prince Charles in Netflix's The Crown season 5, opened up about how he approached the character in an interview with Netflix. The 53-year-old said that he was "slightly in despair," and spoke about his concerns regarding the differences in physicality between him and Prince Charles.

The fifth season of The Crown will arrive on Netflix on Wednesday, November 9, 2022. The upcoming installment is set in the 90s and is expected to focus on the issues pertaining to Charles and Diana's marriage.

It is worth noting that Charles is currently the King of the United Kingdom. He took the throne following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, on September 8, 2022.

Dominic West talks about his approach towards playing Prince Charles in The Crown season 5

During an interview with Netflix, Dominic West spoke at length about his take on the character of Prince Charles. He said that in the fifth season, the now King Charles is at the "prime of his life, but at the depths of his tragedy."

West added that while Charles is "very low in spirits," he is "galvanized and dynamic" about what he wants to do with the monarchy, his role in it and his life.

The actor addressed his concerns about the physical aspects of his character. He said that he was "slightly in despair" as he wondered how he would get the now 73-year-old king's physicality.

West added:

"The only time I really look like Charles is from behind. 'Cause the hair is just perfect."

Dominic West also described Prince Charles as ''extremely contained and direct.'' Regarding the plot of season 5, Dominic West mentioned that the upcoming season explores the numerous conflicts between Charles and Diana.

In the series' trailer for the fifth season, Dominic West looks in fine form as he captures the various complex facets of his character with astonishing ease. Viewers can expect West to deliver a memorable performance.

Apart from The Crown, West has appeared in a number of critically acclaimed shows over the years. He garnered fame with his lead role as James McNulty in the iconic crime drama series, The Wire. His other TV credits include The Affair, Brassic, and Les Misérables, to name a few.

Set in the 90s The Crown Season 5 will focus on Charles and Diana's marriage


The upcoming season of The Crown is set in the 90s and will focus on Charles and Diana's marriage. Netflix dropped the official trailer for the new season on October 20, 2022, and it offers a peek into the lives of the two central characters, Charles and Diana.

The trailer maintains a relentlessly dramatic tone throughout, similar to the first four seasons, and fans can look forward to another engrossing season this time. Here's a brief description of the show, as per Netflix's YouTube channel:

"At a time when Britain was recovering from war and her empire was in decline, a young woman took the throne as a matter of duty not desire. Prepare for a world full of intrigue and revelations in The Crown."

The show has recast several actors throughout its run. The cast features actors like Olivia Colman, Claire Foy, Dominic West, and Helena Bonham Carter, among many others, in crucial roles.

You can watch The Crown season 5 on Netflix on Wednesday, November 9, 2022.

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