Ink Master 2022 (Season 14): Meet the contestants

Chris Shockley set to return to Ink Master
Chris Shockley set to return to Ink Master (Image via Instagram/@chrisshockleytattooer2)

Ink Master is back with familiar faces and a unique cash prize. The show will feature the franchise’s fan-favorite tattoo artists as they return to win a cash prize of $250,000, which is the biggest prize of the series so far.

The show is set to bring in a new host, Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden, who claims to have been,

“Sitting at home and judging this competition for 13 seasons."

Joining the show as judges this season are former Ink Masters Ryan Ashley, celebrity tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado, and Japanese tattoo artist Ami James. Joining the team as the Master of Chaos is former host Dave Navarro, who will take things up a notch and introduce random unpredictable twists throughout the competition.

Returning to the series for a second chance at victory are Katie McGowan, Gian Karle, Angel Rose, Chris Shockley, Pon, and more. Angel Rose and Katie McGowan have also appeared in seasons 13 and 9 respectively.

The synopsis of the Ink Master reads:

"Ink Master contestants compete in various tattoo challenges that not only test the artists’ technical skills but also their on-the-spot creativity, where they must create and execute an original tattoo on command."

Keep reading to find out more about the contestants who are appearing on the latest season of the Ink Master.

Meet the tattoo artists set to compete for the title of Ink Master

The fan favorites who have previously appeared on the show are back to give the title another shot. While some of them only appeared last season, others haven’t been a part of the franchise since season 8. Let's find out who they are:

1) Katie McGowan

The neo-traditional tattoo artist has a knack for tattooing flowers, animals, faces, mandalas, and “anything else rad or silly.” Viewers were charmed by the artist's Southern accent as much as they were impressed with her talent. McGowan returned three seasons later to compete as part of a team with Matt O’ Baugh. The two finished second in the live finale. McGowan then appeared in Battle of the Sexes as a coach.

In a conversation with Inked Magazine about returning as a coach, she said:

"They asked if I wanted to be a coach and I assumed that I would get to coach the women’s team. I was super, super excited about that, but the twist was that I was going to be coaching the men instead. At first, I was a little apprehensive because I really wanted to be a coach for the women’s team. I’m a feminist and I’m always pro-women winning."

The artist is now set to return as a contestant once again on Ink Master season 14.

2) Gian Karle

Gian Karle started his tattooing journey in 2010 and was the first Puerto Rican contestant on the show. Karle almost tasted victory when he last appeared on the show and finished as one of the runner-ups. During his only elimination challenge in season 8, he went up against Nate and had to tattoo a “new-school landmark” in five hours. The artist had expressed his nervousness as he didn’t know where to start. In his confessional in season 8, he said:

"Just got to tattoo like it’s the last day of my life to make sure I’ve got a win."

Gian was never at the bottom throughout the competition and won against Nate but was defeated by Ryan Ashley for the ultimate title.

3) Angel Rose

Hailing from Maui, Hawaii, Rose’s style is largely influenced by graphite realism and ink art. The tattoo artist is well-known for doing large-scale tattoos, and her striking work also includes colorful, bright tattoos and neo-traditional tattoos.

The Turf War finalist made it to the finale of her season and was praised constantly despite being one of the least experienced cast members. As an artist who was previously dismissed in her career, Rose turned the negativity she received into motivation. However, it was the opportunity to be on Ink Master that changed her life. Speaking about her experience on the show, she said:

"The most valuable thing I took away from the Ink Master experience was a chance to be vulnerable. I think that vulnerability might be the most healthy thing that a tattoo artist can have."

4) Chris Shockley

Shockley finished sixth in season 11, and now he’s back to win the show. The artist has a diverse style and is influenced by classical art forms to ink art and has been drawing since he was four. The tattoo artist, who is set to return to Ink Master, did not want to return to the show when he was eliminated last time. In a post-elimination interview, he said:

"After some downtime and a lot of thought I think I’d do it again. Doing the show was another learning experience with a lot of ups and downs but it was well worth it. Next time though, I’m playing for keeps."

5) Pon

The traditional American tattoo artist has been in the business since 1999 and has been an artist all his life. His work consists of bold outlines, heavy shading, and vibrant colors. Pon appeared on Ink Master season 12 and got his first tattoo at the age of 15. Pon’s dream is to leave the tattoo industry better than it was when he first started, and he wishes to leave behind a legacy.

Other artists to appear on the show are Creepy Jason, Holli Marie, Hiram Casas, and Bob Jones as part of season 12.

Tune in on Paramount+ on September 7 to watch Ink Master season 14.

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