Invincible season 2: How is Donald Ferguson still alive? Explained

How is Donald alive in Invincible season 2
Invincible season 2 (Image via Amazon Prime and Image comics)

On Friday, November 3, Invincible season 2 debuted with an interesting episode on Amazon Prime. However, following the highly anticipated release, fans were left puzzled about Donald Ferguson, who served as Cecil's dependable sidekick and aide.

Viewers might remember that they first encountered the character in Invincible season 1 and he played a significant role in assisting Cecil Stedman in his duties as the director of the Global Defense Agency.

Although Ferguson seemed to have died in the season 1 finale when his spine was ripped out by Omni-man, fans witnessed that he continued to live and work for Cecil in Invincible season 2 episode 1. In the scene, Donald was seen performing his duties as if nothing had happened.

The episode furthermore casually revealed that Donald is still employed by the GDA and is very much alive. Donald's appearance left fans shocked as the show did not explain how he is still alive.

However, fans need not theorize about the same just yet as the comics tell the real story about Donald's comeback.

Donald being alive in Invincible season 2 could be attributed to him being an Android

Donald Ferguson (voiced by Chris Diamantopoulos) works as a high-ranking agent for the Global Defense Agency (GDA), a multinational group tasked with superhuman coordination and oversight as well as global defense. He is employed directly by the organization's highly dubious leader, Cecil Stedman (voiced by Walton Goggins). While this character's morals are ambiguous, Donald appears to be more sensitive to emotions, although he fully supports Cecil.

Omni-Man murdered Donald by crushing his back in a heartbreaking scene in the first season of Invincible. It became evident to fans that there was no chance of the Global Defense Agency agent surviving when the home in which Donald and Omni-Man were exploded seconds later.

So, to learn more about how Donald survived this devastating ordeal, one must turn to the source material for the show. In Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley's Invincible #38, Mark's buddy William's partner, Rick Sheridan, who hasn't appeared on the show as of this writing, is killed and then revived as a cyborg. Rick, obviously angered by this, directs his confusion and frustration at Donald because of how things have been going.

This is when readers learn about a shocking truth. Donald Ferguson reveals then that Rick and him are in the same boat and he feels what Rick is going through because he too is a cyborg. So, in Invincible season 2, Donald might be alive because he is actually a robot.

His mechanical nature could be the key to how he survived his spine being ripped out. In the comics, Donald has died several times, and each time, parts of his brain are stored and implanted into a brand new, extremely sophisticated robot body.

Donald of course wasn't always like this. He used to be a field agent for the GDA but met his end while on an assignment. So, using the capabilities of the organization, Cecil Stedman saved a part of his brain and retrieved his corpse. After that, Cecil used that part of his brain to power an android version of him. Donald's capacity to be recreated repeatedly stems from this.

However, as the show has altered several aspects of the original text, it is safe to assume that this might not be how Donald made it through the season 1 finale and is still alive in Invincible season 2. Fans might have to wait for a real answer as the new episodes of the show premiere.

Invincible season 2 also shows that Donald doesn't seem to realize that he is a robot. This is consistent with the comic book version, whereby the character in question states in issue #38 that he doesn't recall his own death because his memory has been manipulated. He also didn't discover the truth until years after he became an android, and the comics didn't explain how he found out about the same and how it affected him.

New episodes of Invincible season 2 will release on Amazon Prime every Friday. The first season and second season's first episode are currently available on the streaming platform.

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Edited by Adelle Fernandes