Is Criss Angel married? Magician reveals 7-year-old son's cancer is in remission

Criss Angel's son is in remission from cancer (Images via Getty and YouTube)
Criss Angel's son is in remission from cancer (Images via Getty and YouTube)

Magician Criss Angel announced last Monday that his seven-year-old son is in remission from cancer on Instagram and YouTube.

He posted a nearly 14-minutes-long short film capturing his son Johnny Crisstopher's journey and fight against cancer on both platforms. According to the caption of the Instagram post, which is the same as the description of the YouTube video, Johnny finally rang 'the bell symbolizing his remission and the end of his treatment' on Monday.

Johnny entered remission over six years after being diagnosed with B-Cell A.L.L. Leukemia. He had previously had a brief remission after completing his final day of treatment back in December 2019. But within a year of his last chemo, Johnny's cancer returned.

Everything about the Criss Angel's relationship and the video featuring his son's battle against cancer

Criss urged everyone to donate towards pediatric cancer (Images via YouTube)
Criss urged everyone to donate towards pediatric cancer (Images via YouTube)

Shaunyl Benson, 30, a singer-songwriter, actress and social media personality, is the mother of Johnny Crisstopher (born in February 2014). Criss, 54, and Shaunyl tied the knot in February 2015 and allegedly divorced a year later.

However, according to reports, the couple rekindled their romance in 2018. They share two more children, Xristos Yanni (born in January 2019) and a girl named Illusia Angelina (born in November 2021).


The short film Criss shared on the social media platforms is titled '1095', after the number of chemotherapy sessions needed to treat Johnny's type of leukemia. The opening scene of the video features clips of Criss performing as he narrates:

"Magic is everywhere. People don't realize it. Magic is life and life is magic. We just take it for granted."

Criss was then shown holding his son, Johnny, in a hospital bed with monitors beeping in the background. The video showed Criss and Shaunyl getting emotional while talking about their son's journey of the past six years.

Criss mentioned in the documentary:

"Ten percent of kids that go through the treatment they don't even make it, not because of the cancer, but because of the types of medicines they have to put in their bodies."

Shaunyl expressed how she wants people to look at her son and kids with cancer and interact with them, saying:

"It's okay to have that conversation, it's okay to say, ''I feel you''."

It also featured Johnny's doctor, Dr. Alan Ikeda, who said that the public needs to be aware of how many people are affected by childhood cancer. A message for the viewers then read:

"Over 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year in the United States."

The short film, which highlighted video clips of an upbeat, joyful Johnny receiving treatment for his condition, showed a determined Criss who vowed to raise "hundreds of millions of dollars" for pediatric cancer patients.

Criss Angel, who wishes to be the voice for children fighting cancer and help their families, said that he'd rather be remembered for the work that he did with kids than the work that he did as a magician.

Criss Angel had a message for his audience as he concluded the video, stating:

"Let them know that they are not alone, you know what I mean. There is magic in the world and that magic is love."

The video ended with three slides, the first one of which said:

"While you watched this short film, 7 children were diagnosed with cancer."

Whereas the last slide encouraged viewers to visit and donate money for child cancer patients as the previous slide read: "HELP SAVE A CHILD/ PLEASE DONATE."

Hours earlier, Criss Angel shared a video of Johnny ringing the bell as he wrote, "It finally happened!" in the caption.

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