Is Greta Thunberg a Rothschild? Family conspiracy claim surfaces in wake of German coal mine arrest

Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg's recent coal mine arrest leads to Rothschild speculations (Image via Reuters)

Greta Thunberg was detained in Germany alongside other climate activists who were protesting against the demolition of a village to make way for a coal mine. A few weeks earlier, the 20-year-old made headlines for unintentionally leading to the arrest of “alpha-male” influencer Andrew Tate. Since gaining massive traction in the media over the last few weeks, netizens have become curious as to why people worldwide are interested in the youngster.

Thunberg was protesting at a coalmine in Garzweiler, which is 5.6 miles away from the village of Luetzerath. The village was being cleared to make space for the expanding coal mine. Thunberg and other activists rallied to say that Germany should not be mining any more brown coal or lignite and should focus on expanding renewable energy instead.

The protesters were warned that they would be forcefully removed from the area if they did not cooperate. However, the protests continued. This led to Thunberg being physically carried away by the police while being held by the arm.


The Swedish activist was released from detention after an identity check, according to the police.

Netizens conspire whether Greta Thunberg is a blood-relative of the Rothschild family

Internet users have been conspiring to determine whether Thunberg is related to the wealthy banking family since the youngster has gained global traction. Many believe that Thunberg has become a world-renowned figure purely through nepotism. Twitter user @EmoryTatee, who appears to be a fan of disgraced influencer Andrew Tate, claimed that Thunberg is a world-wide influencer solely due to her being related to the Rothschild family and due to the “Matrix.”

@CensoredMen @GretaThunberg This is insane...People genuinely look at this and dont critically think for themselves that we live in the matrix.Im not even trying to sound woke or corny its just the reality.How can a 19 year old be this powerful as a climate activist?Rothschild.Matrix.

Twitter user Dr Rohen Kapur announced that Greta Thunberg is related to the Rothschild family. He claimed that she is the great-great-granddaughter of Baron Rothschild, the first and the great-granddaughter of Joachim Rothschild-Thunberg. To affirm his claim, he stated:

“Well why else would another family member promote her.”
Greta Thunberg Is Related To The Rothschild ClanIf you didnt already know. Shes the great great granddaughter of the first Baron Rothschild and the great granddaughter of , Joachim Rothschild-Thunberg

Kapur was referring to a tweet by Neal Rothschild. In 2019 the later thanked Greta Thunberg for making climate change a topic of conversation on social media.

Twitter user @theicyscorpion stated that Greta Thunberg was the great great granddaughter of Lionel Walter Rothschild. The netizen also attached a TikTok video which claimed that Thunberg was:

“Rothschild’s granddaughter/ why she was picked/ why she is protected/ why she is promoted/ New World Order princess”
I just read that Greta Thunberg is the great granddaughter of one of Rothschild Bankers. Lionel Walter Rothschild… Did anyone else know this? Makes sense now on how she gets so much exposure and attention…

The aforementioned claims have also been reported by the European Renaissance website. They also showcased a family tree. However, it is possible that the family tree may have been edited. Official sources have not confirmed whether Greta Thunberg is related to the Rothschild family.

Refuting the claims of Greta Thunberg being related to the Rothschild family, Twitter user @anja_weimer clarified that Lionel Rothschild, who is the supposed great-great grandfather of Thunberg, never had a son called Joachim Thunberg who would go on to become Thunberg’s great-grandfather. Joachim reportedly only had one daughter.

@1logicalmind @GretaThunberg The claim is that @gretathunberg's "great-grandfather Joachim Thunberg was the son of Lionel Rothschild, who was illegitimate but was recognised in 1928." 1) LR never had a son, illegitimate or otherwise, only a daughter.2) Greta's paternal g-grandfather was Fritz Thunberg.

The Twitter user also claimed that Greta Thunberg’s paternal great-grandfather was Fritz Thunberg, showing no links to the Rothschild family.

As Thunberg gets released from detention, her online enemy Andrew Tate continues to remain in Romanian detention after facing r*pe and human trafficking allegations.

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