Is It Cake? season 2 cast list: Who are the 10 bakers and where to follow them on Instagram?

Is It Cake? features a diverse set of contestants
Is It Cake? features a diverse set of contestants (Image via Netflix Tudum)

Popular reality competition series Is It Cake? is all set to return with a brand new installment. Season 2 of the series will premiere on Netflix on Friday, June 30, 2023, at 12 am on Netflix. It will feature a brand new set of confectionary artists and bakers competing against each other to identify cakes from everyday objects and also make cakes of similar fashion in order to win the competition.

Season 2 of Is It Cake? will feature talented bakers from all over the country competing to make some of the best cakes identical to everyday objects surrounding them.

Hosted by Saturday Night Live (SNL) alum Mikey Day, the series will feature 10 contestants from varied backgrounds, cultures, and life experiences delivering some of their best culinary skills.

The hit Netflix series was renewed for a second season owing to the immense success and popularity of its first installment. It will feature not just the contestants but also a line-up of popular celebrity guest judges who will be identifying the cakes from identical everyday objects.

Is It Cake? season 2 will feature an eclectic band of contestants

Season 2 of Is It Cake? will see contestants competing over two rounds. In the first section, they will identify cakes from identical objects. If successful, they will go on to make cakes and have popular celebrity judges guess which one is the cake from a line-up of identical objects placed beside them.

Check out which contestants will participate in the cooking competition series.

1) Corterrius Allen

Instagram handle: @dacakegoat

Corterrious is also known as DaCakeGoat of Mississippi. He began his cake business from his dorm room and previously competed on Food Network's Halloween Wars. He has over 2.3K followers on Instagram.

2) Danya Smith

Instagram handle: @layerscakestudio

Danya studied sculpture in school and has cakes all over her social media. She puts video tutorials of her making the cakes to inspire other bakers to follow their culinary dream. She has 26.8K followers on Instagram.

3) Elizabeth Rowe

Instagram handle: @thelondonbaker

Elizabeth is originally from England but now lives in Texas. She is the owner of the luxury store The London Baker and also has a specific style of making cakes - anything spooky and creepy. She has 31.8K followers on Instagram.

4) Jarid Altmark

Instagram handle: @jaridaltmark

Jarid took inspiration from his grandfather when he began making cakes when he was 12 years old. The Is It Cake? contestant has won several accolades and made appearances on Food Network cooking shows. He is also the founder of Jarid’s Awesome Cakes and has 1.8K followers on Instagram.

5) Justin Salinas

Instagram handle: @cakeitwithjustin

Justin is a cake artist and content creator and has over a decade of experience in the same. Cake videos became his escape when he was diagnosed with kidney failure at age 15. The Is It Cake? contestant has his own website Cake It with Justin, where he posts recipe videos, and has 115K followers on Instagram.

6) Kayla Giddings

Instagram handle: @cheerstocake_kayla

Kayla has been making cakes since she was 19 years old. The Is It Cake? contestant has appeared in five Food Network competitions and has won four times. She was teaching for seven years before pursuing her culinary career full-time. The chef has over 2K followers on Instagram.

7) Liz Marek

Instagram handle: @sugargeekshow

Liz is the creator of the online cake decorating school Sugar Greek Show. She is known for creating hyper-realistic cakes. The Oregon native has 494K followers on Instagram, where she shares her cakes and recipes with her fans.

8) Miko Kaw Hok Uy

Instagram handle: @mikopaintscakes

Miko is proud of his Filipino background and is inspired by the same. The Is It Cake? contestant has been an artist for over three decades and bases his cakes inspired by the art as well. He has over 4.5K followers on Instagram.

9) Pete Tidwell

Instagram handle: @themightybaker

Pete's passion for a culinary career began while he was working at his brother's restaurant. The Is It Cake? contestant has won Food Network's Cake Wars twice and is very well-known for his cakes. He is also the host of his Make More Dough Podcast and has 11.1K followers on Instagram.

10) Spirit Wallace

Instagram handle: @apinchofspirit1

According to her official bio, Spirit is a celebrity baker and has previously made cakes for Diddy and DJ Khaled. Through her cake creations, she emphasizes her message about having everyone feel special. She has 15.4K followers on Instagram.

Season 2 of Is It Cake? promises to be an entertaining watch for viewers. The contestants will have to put their best foot forward to ensure they make the cakes as identical to the objects they want to replicate them on. Viewers will have to wait and see which contestant makes it all the way to the end.

Don't forget to tune in to the episodes on Friday, June 30, 2023, at 12 am on Netflix.

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