"Is no one there for her?": Gabbie Hanna TikTok controversy explained as manic episode leaves internet concerned 

Netizens express concern over Gabbie Hanna's latest livestream (Image via The Gabbie Show/Youtube)
Netizens express concern over Gabbie Hanna's latest livestream (Image via The Gabbie Show/Youtube)

Netizens are expressing concern over the wellbeing of YouTuber Gabbie Hanna, after the content creator recently took to TikTok to perform for her followers.

In the video, the internet star was seen dancing and claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ. She also uttered some racist phrases which left viewers disturbed and concerned, with many of them calling for a mental health check with the influencer.

Netizen reacts to Gabbie Hanna's recent livestream (Image via Twitter)
Netizen reacts to Gabbie Hanna's recent livestream (Image via Twitter)

The 31-year-old has become an infamous social media figure in recent years and has gained quite a reputation for being difficult to work with.

What did Gabbie Hanna say on TikTok?

Most recently, the singer-content creator went on a livestream, where she was seen dancing and speaking about Black people, deeming them to be "inherently cooler than white people." She also seemingly stated that she is a follower of Jesus Christ. On the livestream, Hanna said:

"Hey you know why Black people are so much inherently cooler than white people? Because they were raised with Jesus mostly. They were told to respect their momma, keep your faith, so Black women especially, naturally, embody the Holy Spirit."

She further claimed that Black mothers are "dependent on God" when it comes to raising their children after "the father leaves."

Hanna then proceeded to explain the colonial history of the United States:

"And then white men were like- "uh oh Black people are poweful, that’s scary.” And instead of saying- "hey Black people, hey Native American Indians you guys seem to be very peaceful and happy on your land. We just came here on this boat because we didn’t like our homeland. So now we’re here in yours! It’s ours now baby.""

Hanna went on to rant about how she was “born near Jesus” because she is from Lebanon. The YouTuber also called herself “Angel Gabriel” and spoke briefly about the second coming.

This is not the first time that Gabbie has gained traction on the internet owing to her controversial behavior.

She previously amassed immense backlash when she publicly shared a traumatic experience of fellow content creator Jessi Smiles on YouTube. She also admitted to stalking a minor after the latter attempted to expose her. Needless to say, neither of these things, gained her much favor with netizens.

Twitterati voice concerns over Gabbie Hanna’s livestream

Numerous netizens deemed Hanna's livestream to be racist and called her out for referring to Native Americans as "Indians."

Several internet users, however, expressed their concerns and claimed that the video was indicative of a manic episode. They further expressed hoped that she gets a wellness check from law enforcement. A few comments online read:

Has Gabbie Hanna received a wellness check in the past?

In July 2021, Hanna left the internet surprised when she revealed that the police had visited her residence for a wellness check. In a now deleted tweet, she wrote:

“The police just came for a wellness check and I answered the door stoned, covered in paint and wearing only my underwear and a “make sure your friends are okay” t-shirt. I can’t believe they didn’t take me away.”

Prior to the 2021 wellness check, the influencer was posting content online which many followers found disturbing. In those videos, Hanna was seen narrating poems and singing with strange eye movements.

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